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  1. I do not know what you mean by Brighton trains being unable to use the Montague tracks. How does the go there when the bridge is closed for repairs? Also how do you explain this? Taken when a northbound had its emergency brakes activated at DeKalb, thus the behind it was sent down via Montague to avoid congestion. Yes! I didn't say the swap will never happen. I just said it will not happen as fast as everyone claims and that does not necessarily mean R46s will go to Coney Island because the R211s may be in service before then. That applies to everyone else
  2. Yes but truthfully Concourse may be the perfect yard for the R32s being that it currently only maintains one car type (as the MTA doesn't like having yards maintaining more than two different car types as it makes the tasks difficult) and R32s would be better on the than the since the 4th Avenue Line is four tracked all the way to the bridge and can use both the bypass and outer tracks at DeKalb Avenue should one of the pairs get blocked for whatever reasons. Trains can also terminate at Atlantic Avenue's express tracks without disrupting local service, so they do not have to worry about goi
  3. We already know R32s and R42s CANNOT run on the because they cannot fit through the Montague Street Tunnel. If god forbid something blocks the northbound DeKalb Avenue bridge track for several hours like a 12-9, power outage or track fire and there is already an R32/R42 in the tunnel under Flatbush, the only way it can proceed without disrupting other trains is via Montague. It cannot sit down there forever or turn back at Court Street without holding up other trains. We also already know the rumored Jamaica-Coney Island swap will NOT happen for the foreseeable future being that CBTC on Quee
  4. I just love how people keep bringing up this dumb rumored swap, yet never provide a reliable source for it, and no, what comes out of a transit worker's mouth is not a reliable source. They are not psychics and cannot see the future Yeah, I still avoid riding the R42s as much as possible due to my strong hate for them. Thankfully there are only 50 of those rusted tin cans and will be retired once all R179s are in service. "Those lines don’t have the volume to justify 60’ equipment" Oh really? ride them yourself and you will they have way more ridership than the A, C, J/Z, M and
  5. I will just give my best to worst list and my reasons for them: has always been my favorite with its very frequent service, fast express runs, many unique stations, and great views of Queens. I miss the R62As and the railfan windows they had, though. frequent service, runs fast in Brooklyn (even faster than the express) and Manhattan, the Manhattan Bridge offers a great view of Lower Manhattan, love the new stations along 2nd Avenue, and is all R160s, but trains can sometimes run irregularly since they conflict with other routes. frequent service, fast express run in Queens, and is all
  6. Because NTTs are superior to older cars in every single way, faster, less breakdowns, brighter interiors, wider doors, clear automated announcements, more glass and not fat-looking. I still do my best to avoid the R42s and R44s at all costs due to my extreme hate for them. When the used R32s, R38s, and R44s in 2007-08, I would always wait for an R32 or R38 or just take the instead. When the sleeky and shiny R32s were replaced by the rusted and ugly R42s on the , I just avoided riding it until the R32s and R46s returned and the R44s finally retired. thankfully. When the same
  7. Actually there would, have way more ridership than the so putting 75 footers on them would cause massive delays. People who disagree with me need to get their butts off the computer and ride the five days a week nearly from end-to-end like I do. Yes politics is strong in Brooklyn, which is exactly why that dumb Jamaica-Coney Island swap will not happen as riders all love the R160s and do not want them replaced with fat old junks like I said many times, plus realistically, QBL CBTC is at least 5-6 years away. Great job being a hypocrite on this and many other topics (e.g. 75 footers
  8. I had a dream that the overweight 75 footers were magicially compressed into 60 footers and as a result, there were no fat people living in the city. Wish that really happened
  9. Coney Island wont give any R160s away. N and W riders love them and would fume if they were replaced by fat old junks. Besides, they still have way more ridership than the A and C, hence need to stay mostly 60 footers. The C will be 100% R46s while the A will be half r46s and R32s. The 10 car R179s may or may not run on the A or C. They may also go to Jamaica for the F and R, which will mean more R46s for Pitkin, they can also go to Coney Island to make the N and W all NTTs, which would mean more R68s for the G, but we will see. R42s can't run on the shuttle because of OPTO, there are no plans
  10. I find it dumb the still runs local between Times Square and Chambers during this suspension when the is not running, thus there are no trains holding them up on the express tracks at 14th Street, meaning it can run express on the entire 7th Avenue segment instead of just north of Times Square which only saves 3-4 minutes from the local. I also find it dumb the and need to switch routes north of East 180th Street during the Clark Street Tunnel closure being that the Dyre Avenue Line is not much shorter than the northern White Plains Road Line. In fact, it only takes about 4-6 extra minutes
  11. Most people commenting here are total hypocrities. They keep whining about how horrible the A is using the 75 footers yet say they would be fine on the N, Q and W when they clearly have much ridership than the A. The Q especially since 2nd Avenue opened, which is why the fat 75 footers will never run on it again. It makes me laugh how they think QBL CBTC will go off without a hitch in recent times many other projects like flushing CBTC, opening of 34th street hudson yards, reopening of cortlandt st and the r179 order were all behind schedule. I rode on QBL recently and barely 10% of the projec
  12. ELECTRICAL IMPROVEMENTS Trains skip 168 St in both directions trains and free shuttle buses provide alternate service Weekend, 6:45 AM Sat to 8 PM Sun, Jan 20 - 21 I guess they are doing elevator work that weekend, which is why the cannot stop at that station? EQUIPMENT TESTING Brighton Beach-bound trains run local from Prospect Park to Kings Hwy Days, 10 AM to 3:30 PM, Mon to Fri, Jan 29 - Feb 2 What exactly are they testing? I thought the R179s have finished all their tests.
  13. Why I prefer the New Technology Trains (R160A/160Bs, R143s, R142/142As, and R188s): great, fast, reliable cars with low breakdown rates, bright interiors, lots of cool features (clear automated announcements, LED displays inside and out, LCD and LED signs signs, and FIND system, strip maps,), and good looking inside and out. They have greatly upgraded every train they run on and make riders and train crew, who love the cab features, feel so happy. Why I like the R32s: oldest cars in the system, but their structurally durable car bodies have allowed them to last well past the average life
  14. Necro-posting Because I really want to update my best and worst list and do not feel like starting a new thread Best cars: R160A/160Bs: Contrary to what morons I know often say, they are the great, fast, reliable cars with low breakdown rates, bright interiors, lots of cool features (clear automated announcements, LED displays inside and out, LCD signs, and FIND system), and good looking inside and out. They have greatly upgraded every train they run on and make riders and train crew, who love the cab features, feel so happy. R143s: another great, reliable car type with lots of
  15. They will be scrapped. They will not be needed anywhere once the Myrtle viaduct project is done. ENY will have enough R160s, R179s, and R143s and 207th street and Pitkin will have enough R32s and R46s. Plus there are only 50 rusted tin cans in service, so retiring them will not take too long and it would be illogical to keep them if the TA wants to retire at least 50 R32s.

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