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  1. Rockaway Beach Branch

    It is only being studied because a few politically connected people want it to be studied. The difference between an LGA connection and a RBL reactivation is that the LGA connection actually has a potential market, with an airport which does not have an existing rail transit connection, running through dense neighborhoods which do not have adequate transit. RBL has an airport which is already connected to Manhattan- VIA 4 LINES! It would go through neighborhoods which would go through less dense neighborhoods which ALREADY HAVE TRANSIT (and underutilized transit at that). IF the RBL was already built and connected on both ends, the first thing the MTA would do is abandon it. It is truly a useless line.
  2. R179 Discussion Thread

    Queens CBTC will start with R160s, prior to the delivery of the R211 order. That said, there is nothing stopping the R211 from going there once they come in, bumping the R160s to the additional 4 lines requiring CBTC equipped trains once 8th has CBTC installed as well.
  3. R179 Discussion Thread

    Yes, but R211s don't have to run on 8th avenue to enable Eighth Avenue CBTC. If you put the R211s on the D E F and half the A, you can move the R160s currently on the E and F to the rest of the A and the B/C. (ETC. I am making a hypothetical, the numbers don't perfectly work out. My point is that you need to have the R211s for 8th ave CBTC, although you don't actually need to run them on 8th ave. ) The signals need replacement. Replacement is the answer. Thales Seltrac and Siemens Trainguard MT are the specific systems used so far in the necessary replacement, both of which are forms of CBTC.
  4. R30 on the A, R38 on the E, R44 on the F, R68A on the R. Each one roughly a decade after the prior.
  5. R179 Discussion Thread

    The Franklin R68s are all singles. (I don't disagree with your main point.)
  6. Alon Levy: Thru-run NJT, LIRR and MNRR

    I was under the impression that it had to be done in the shops. (Not sure if that is true for practical reasons or because of rules or regulations)
  7. Alon Levy: Thru-run NJT, LIRR and MNRR

    Other than the Arrows which I believe cannot, the NJT electric engines can run the New Haven. They have in the past!
  8. Planned Subway Service Changes

    R179s will have finished their tests when the last set is accepted for service. (Why this specific test is needed on the Brighton line, or whether it is R179 related, I do not know.)
  9. R179 Discussion Thread

    Floors are essentially the same fleet-wide. Very few cars older than the R142s still have their original floors. (It is harder to tell with the newer cars as their floors look identical to replacement floors. ) Why NYCT has standardized on using plywood wrapped in stainless steel, I'll never understand... Plywood rots very quickly when it gets wet.
  10. R179 Discussion Thread

    Bubbling floors is a problem fleetwide. It is a design and specification flaw which won't go away until they replace floors with those of a different design. I have recently seen R46s and R62As with what appears to be the flooring material used in Montreal. If they decide to go with that, we might see the bubbling issue eliminated. The 52 year old MR63s have their original floors, and they still look new. I hope we make the switch.
  11. R179 Discussion Thread

    If the cascading of new cars due to the R179s ends up resulting in the relocating of more 75 foot cars to 207/Pitkin, those will be R46s, not R68s. Pitkin already has R46s, and Jamaica already has to get rid of its R46s. There is literally no conceivable reason to move the R68s there instead.
  12. Canarsie Shutdown fleet swap thread

    I recall reading a wonderful definition of the word foamer: A foamer is someone who obsesses over whether or not other people are foamers. It holds true in my mind.
  13. Rockaway Beach Branch

    And every assumption in that post is generous to the RBL. The argument for it as an airport connection is really that poor.
  14. R32 Fleet Swap Discussion Thread

    There were at least 4 sets of R32 Cs on Wednesday.
  15. Spectacularly expensive, and likely not realistically possible. You'd have to go under the 8th avenue IND prior to reaching the surface. .


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