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  1. no. There is a third trackway around 116th street intended for layups. Otherwise, it is 2 tracks.
  2. Six years to resolve the subway problems?

    Byford is a proven great leader. NYCT is lucky to have him. He has demonstrated the ability to work wonders. Given real control and real funding, he could turn the place around. Delete Byford and insert Hakim. The prior line is just as true. Do the same with Bianco and Prendergast. Again, a true statement. The problem here isn't the current leader of NYCT. It is well above them.
  3. Grand Central is fully accessible. I don't know where this rumor is coming from.
  4. Only if the AC is broken in the entire R32 half, and is working in the R160 half.
  5. R179 Discussion Thread

    I'd be somewhat surprised if the C ends up getting any R179s. Yes, the R160s on the C are almost certainly going to return to the J, but that does not mean that the J is getting more added service than the G.
  6. R179 Discussion Thread

    The R179s are designed to have CBTC installed, but only R160s are being outfitted for QB CBTC.
  7. Rockaway Beach Branch

    Even if ALL of the Q52/Q53 riders were to move to the train, it still wouldn't mean there is a large enough market to run a train. And regardless of the size of the market, they would be out of their minds to build an additional connecting service to Queens Boulevard from a line which already connects to another line without such drastic capacity issues.
  8. R32 Fleet Swap Discussion Thread

    There are a number of reasons one would prefer the R32s on the A- -The AC issue -R32s handle crowds better than R46s -Avoiding 2 lengths of the same equipment on the same line helps with regards to proper positioning at stations.
  9. R32 Fleet Swap Discussion Thread

    Step 1. 1 train of R179 goes into service on J. Step 2. 1 train of R32 moves from J to C Step 3. 1 train of R160 moves from C to J. Step 4. 1 train of R32 moves from J and gets broken up. Step 5. 4 C trains get a pair added from the broken up J train move from C to A. Step 6. 4 trains of R46 move from A to C. Step 7. ??? Step 8. Profit.
  10. R179 Discussion Thread

    In the words of Roy Orbison "You got it! They've always been at ENY.
  11. R179 Discussion Thread

    There is no surplus of trains yet. Canarsie will provide a significant increase in the number of trains required for service. Almost all of the R32 fleet will have to stay, and unless a reduction in spare factor/shop margin is deemed acceptable, the R42s may have to as well. R42s are not able to run on the full length M.
  12. Rockaway Beach Branch

    The Montauk does run through low density areas, but those are areas that could more easily be built up, and there is the giant destination of Jamaica at the end of it. Even if it makes no stops along the way, The service to Jamaica alone guarantees high ridership from day one.
  13. R211 Discussion Thread

    The wayside system has not been removed from the Flushing line... Yet. While enough signals will remain to allow off hour equipment deadheads and work trains, they will not be capable of full rush hour service.
  14. R211 Discussion Thread

    When was the last time 8th avenue went a full week without seeing B/D trains?
  15. R211 Discussion Thread

    G J L and M require 13, 20, 24 and 23 trains respectively. That is 80 trains without any increase. That would mean 82% of the fleet is required for daily service. If you want to increase service on any of those lines, you'd need to order more 4 car sets to reliably provide service. Also- 6th avenue CBTC does not change the requirements for CBTC equipment. Every trains on 6th avenue will already have to be CBTC equipped for Queens and 8th ave CBTC.


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