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  1. Seems like a really detailed map. I have always wondered about the possibility of extending the or Rock Park along Beach Channel Drive to Riis Park and Beach 169th St and building a second subway bridge crossing of Jamaica Bay, close to the Marine Parkway bridge, which will then continue along Flatbush Avenue and end near the Brooklyn College stop. This would replace the existing Q22 and Q35 lines, which often takes almost an hour to take to the Brooklyn College station from the Beach 70s in the Rockaways, with trains that will make the journey in about 20 minutes. The area around Flatbush Avenue from Ave H downwards is rife for development but hampered by a lack of public transit, with places like the Kings Plaza, Aviator Sports Complex and the municipal golf courses on Flatbush and in Riis Park hard to reach by bus or train. Of course, this is all wishful thinking, and the NIMBYs in Belle Harbor, Neponsit and Breezy Point in the Rockaways would never let it happen. Original plans for subway expansion did include extending the Rockaway Line along Newport Avenue to B 149th St, but it never happened. P.S.: I suppose you could also connect the extended Rockaway line to the O or V lines in your map, and solve the problem of non-compatibility between the IRT and IND lines. Thus, the O/V can be extended to the Rockaways, providing service to the western Rockaways.
  2. The OP's question was "Does anybody here like or enjoy playing sports as a hobby during your spare time?" I don't think watching counts as playing, even if you "like or enjoy...sports as a hobby".
  3. Why would anyone buy a single ride ticket when they can refill $2.25 (or top up an existing balance) on an old PPR MetroCard? (For those who object that infrequent riders and tourists are unlikely to have an old PPR card, may I point out the several hundred MetroCards littering the floor at every subway station).
  4. I don't participate on SubChat. And as I said, I don't usually discuss politics here either. However, I do stand by all my posts in this thread, even if I had little inclination to discuss my political opinions in the first place. I just wanted to clarify my positions to defend myself from needless criticism.
  5. I have to do a fair amount of shoveling and I think it is fun.
  6. Heat waves are worse. You can always put on many layers to fight the cold during a blizzard. Unfortunately you cannot go out in a heat wave with no clothes on.
  7. I like cricket, having grown up playing it in the Indian subcontinent, and played for the Staten Island Cricket Club for a while. However, my experiences with playing cricket in the US have been disappointing. For some reason, the few people who play here have egos that are far too big, and spoil the fun for those who are less competitive. I also played soccer but haven't since August 2009. There doesn't seem to be any leagues or tournaments organized near where I live, and I got tired of having to travel to Manhattan or Long Island City to play in over-priced leagues/meetup.com groups, besides, I like playing in goal and many of the games are played with small, portable goals, making keepers redundant. I am basically taking a hiatus from playing team sports and, instead, learning to play tennis in my college's gym. I also like hiking and urban exploration, if those can be called sports, done individually or with a group.
  8. I don't think he was criticizing the fact that they walk around with iPods. Anyway, I usually like background music in public places, but if a store decides to remove it as a cost-cutting measure, why not? If that means lower prices, it's a sacrifice worth making.
  9. Save yourself the trouble. (The bottom line says "launderers and drycleaners").
  10. "Boulevard of Broken Dreams" by Green Day, from the album American Idiot. I got a free ticket to watch the Broadway musical based on the song; I am going on the 14th. Here is a nice piano version of the song I am listening to on YouTube:
  11. Q: How many mystery-writers does it take to change a light bulb? A: Two. One to screw it in almost all the way, and one to give it a surprising twist at the end. Q: How many straight San Franciscans does it take to change a light bulb? A: Both of them. (No offense intended to gays or San Franciscans.) Q: How many authors of Poor Richard's Almanac does it take to change the light bulb? A: "Many hands make light work". -------------------------------------------------- Joke about jokes: A black guy, a Latino and a white guy walk into a bar. The bartender asks, "What is this? Some kind of joke?" --------------------------------------------------- Blond guy joke (no racist stereotyping intended): A Mexican guy, a black guy and a blond guy work on a construction site. One day, the bell for lunch rings and the three open their lunch pails. The Mexican finds a burrito and says: "One more time I get a burrito I will jump off this building and commit suicide". The black guy finds fried chicken and says: "One more time I get fried chicken I will jump off this building and commit suicide". The blond guy finds a cheese sandwich and says: "One more time I get a cheese sandwich I will jump off this building and commit suicide." The next day the three men sit down to eat lunch. The Mexican guy finds a burrito, so he jumps off the building and commits suicide. The black guy finds fried chicken, so he jumps off the building and commits suicide. The blond guy finds a cheese sandwich, so he jumps off the building and commits suicide. At their funeral, the men's wives gathered and spoke. The Mexican's wife said: "If only I had known he didn't want a burrito, I would have packed him something else". The black guy's wife said: "If only I had known he didn't want fried chicken, I would have packed him something else". The blond guy's wife said: "Don't know what was wrong with him. He packed his own lunch".
  12. Karate isn't technically Japanese; it evolved in the Ryukyu islands in the 19th century. The islands were originally and independent kingdom with its own language and culture and were not annexed by Japan until 1879. (The US controlled the islands after WWII and until 1972). Judo might be more appropriately considered a Japanese martial art. I don't follow either sumo or judo much, but will be glad to learn more if introduced to them. I used to watch the sports program TransWorld Sport before I moved to the US (I have no idea how to watch it here), and it often included short news clips of the latest sumo and judo events, especially focusing, for some reason, on the Mongolian yokozuna Asashoryu.
  13. I don't see why I would feel "blessed" if I met any celebrities. They are only human like the rest of us, and often have more problems than the average person. I couldn't care less for this "celebrity culture" and probably wouldn't recognize a celebrity if I saw one. Sorry if I played spoilsport on your thread.
  14. Really, the only previous time I took a political stand on these forums was about the justice-of-the-peace who refused to perform interracial marriages, criticizing which can hardly be considered arch-liberal. I even voiced my opposition to Obama winning the Nobel Prize. I am actually a conservative on many issues, e.g. I oppose gun control, and think abortions should strictly be limited to a last resort, that taxes should be kept low (and private charity encouraged), that government should stay out of the institution of marriage, that the "threat" of climate change rests on shaky scientific ground and thus should not influence official policy, and that illegal immigrants should be deported and lose all rights to someday being naturalized (I am a legal immigrant to the USA). Also, the main reason I oppose massive federal spending on the military and counter-espionage is essentially that: it is a massive outlay of resources and makes a mockery of conservative ideals of small government. I do believe in the right to euthanasia and support federal funding of stem-cell research and other research using human embryos; this is driven largely by my lack of religious belief (mentioned previously on these forums) and because I think government policy should not be influenced by the religious lobby, in accordance with the principle of separation of church and state that conservative defendants of the Constitution no doubt value. While there are hundreds of other issues on the political drawing board, I come down on the conservative side on at least as many issues as I support the liberal side. I am not saying all this to please or salvage my relationship with users such as Joe. Indeed, I am friends (in real life) with people from every position of the political spectrum, and further approval of my principles from certain users on a site devoted to the subway is not at all important to me. If said user(s) find my beliefs anti-American, they have a perfect right to say so, just as I have a right to state my positions in the first place. P.S.: I cannot afford cable TV and have not watched CNN or MSNBC in years, and am in no way influenced by the "liberal media".
  15. Even T-shirt vendors in Times Sq are better at preventing terrorist attacks.
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