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  1. The Unite the Right rally is a Neo-Nazi, KKK, white-supremacist rally to suppress everyone other than the racist, Christian-based cult-right. Heather Hayer and Harris are victims of terrorist attacks by this cult. These terrorists are at the same level as al-Qaida and ISIS. Anyone who claims this to be hyperbole is delusional.

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    2. Via Garibaldi 8

      Via Garibaldi 8

      That's what makes America great. We've become a country that focuses too much on attacking "the other" on both sides.

    3. RTS CNG Command

      RTS CNG Command

      There's absolutely a difference between the alt-right rallies and counter-protests. The Unite the Right and other white supremacist rallies are designed INTENTIONALLY to oppress minorities, people of color, the LGBT, religious minorities, and many others. The counter-protestors were victims of terrorist attacks; they were completely in the right.

    4. RTS CNG Command

      RTS CNG Command

      [ on that Trump is right. ]

      Trump is objectively wrong, and you, Via, are objectively wrong by sucking up to this racist. The "both sides" schlock is a major false equivalence that whitewashes the Charlottesville terror attacks and supports the neo-Nazis' causes. The Unite the Right rally was menacing, threatening, and called for the death of racial, sexual, and religious minorities.

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