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  1. I have a feeling even with all this backlash, the area around Maspeth and near Grand Ave will still not get what they want. I would guess that the final plan would still have no service along 65 Pl or Calamus Ave, as on page 48 of the draft plan, streets were listed that bus operators recommend that routes avoid, including 65 Pl, Calamus Ave, Jay Ave, and 53 Dr, all in the Maspeth area.
  2. I had not looked over the plan in detail previously, but here is what I think after reviewing it thoroughly: Overall there are more routes I like than dislike, with most of the issues coming down to either not enough service, frequency wise or span wise, or too much service during late night hours. There are however several route that have glaring issues that frequency cannot change. Frequency change: QT3 Jamaica-Williamsburg via Metropolitan Ave Should not have late night service QT6 Flushing-Ridgewood via Horace Harding Expwy/Grand Ave Should not have late night service QT7 Cambria Heights-Spring Creek via Linden Blvd Should not have late night service on weekdays, as it only runs 19 hours on Saturday and Sundays QT14 Electchester-JFK Airport via Jewel Ave/Lefferts Blvd Should have higher frequency between Electhester and Forest Hills with short turns QT22 Rockaway Park-Cedarhurst via Rockaway Beach Blvd/Beach Channel Dr Should either be extended to JFK Depot Or Cedarhurst LIRR; Burnside/Rockaway is not a great terminal spot QT24 Jamaica-Bushwick via Atlantic Ave/Broadway Should not go past Broadway Junction QT62 Cedarhurst-East New York via Rockaway Blvd Should be truncated to JFK Depot or extended to Cedarhurst LIRR; Burnside/Rockaway is not a great terminal spot Needs a change in frequency or service span: QT35 Rockaway Park-Brooklyn College via Rockaway Beach Blvd/Flatbush Ave (better frequency) QT38 Jamaica-Queens Village via Hillside/Hollis Aves (longer hours) QT39 Jamaica-Cambria Heights via Hillside/Murdock Ave (24/7 as coverage between Hollis and Linden) QT40 Jamaica-Cambria Heights via Merrick/Linden Blvds (longer span) QT42 Jamaica-Green Acres Mall via Merrick Blvd (longer span) QT43 Jamaica-Rosedale via Guy R. Brewer Blvd/Bedell St (longer span) QT51 Flushing-Bay Terrace via Crocheron Ave/Bell Blvd (Weekdays only at a minimum, not just peak direction) QT54 Jamaica-Williamsburg via Hillside/Metropolitan Aves (24/7, 60 min late nights) QT55 Jamaica-Ridgewood via Jamaica/Myrtle Aves (60 min late nights) QT56 Jamaica-Broadway Junction via Jamaica Ave (60 min late nights) QT58 Flushing-Ridgewood via Corona/Grand Aves (24/7) QT61 East Elmhurst-Columbus Circle via 23/Roosevelt Aves (longer span) QT68 Jamaica-JFK Airport via Liberty Ave/Farmers Blvd (60 min late nights) QT69 Jackson Heights-Hunters Point via Ditmars Blvd/21 St (longer span) QT77 Elmhurst-Long Island City via Eliot Ave/21 St (longer span) QT78 Middle Village-Roosevelt Island via 36 Ave/69 St (60 min late nights) QT80 Astoria-Ridgewood via 30 Ave/58 St (longer span and more frequent during weekdays) QT81 Astoria-Whitestone via Astoria Blvd/150 St (longer span) QT82 Glendale-East Elmhurst via 80/National Sts (longer span and more frequency on weekdays) QT83 Elmhurst-Howard Beach via Woodhaven/Cross Bay Blvds (24/7, 60 min late nights; more frequent overall) QT84 Flushing-Bayside via 20 Ave/Francis Lewis Blvd (longer span) QT86 College Point-Glendale via Main St/Yellowstone Blvd (24/7 to Kew Gardens (60 min); more freuquent overall) QT87 Little Neck-Forest Hills via 73/Jewel Aves (weekday rush more frequent) Bad: QT44 SBS Jamaica-Fordham via Main St/Cross Bronx Expwy Should be 24/7 QT50 Pelham Bay-LaGuardia Airport via Buckner Blvd/Roosevelt Ave Bronx should have an airport route, but not the Q50. Something from the West Bronx, over the RFK Bridge. Contradicts the Bronx proposal which maintained rush hour service to Co-op City. Should be left as a Flushing-Pelham Bay/Co-op CIty route QT52 SBS Elmhurst-Arverne via Woodhaven/Cross Bay Blvds If one had to be eliminated, the Q52 should have been eliminated and the Q53 should have been truncated from Woodside to Elmhurst. The Q52 side of the Wye already has the better subway service, and not it keeps the better bus connections? Doesn’t make much sense QT74 Jackson Heights Shuttle Just bring back the Q49 and maybe extend it to Flushing during the rush to maintain the Astoria Blvd connection with Flushing that skips Roosevelt Ave/108 St QT75 Woodside-Bryant Park Does too much between 48 St and Queens Plaza Routes the MTA should add for coverage QT90 Little Neck LIRR to Queens Village LIRR via Little Neck Pkwy/260 St/Jamaica Ave (Daily with hourly service outside the rush, timed to connect to the LIRR in either Little Neck or Queens Village) QT91 Glendale (80 St/Myrtle Ave) to Woodside LIRR via 80 St/Grand Ave/65 Pl (Rush hours only) As for express bus service, while I understand the need for costs to be cut, and that people relay on express buses in Queens, including myself, I would only add Sunday service to these routes, hourly on both: QMT164 Bay Terrace-6 Ave QMT166 Fresh Meadows-6 Ave I would not maintain service on the 73 Ave corridor (QM5) or Union Tpke corridor past 188 St (QM6), as commuters in the area would have access to the QT32, QT33, QT34, or QT36 that would get them to the subway quicker than they would be able to today. I also have to disagree with the arguement from BrooklynBus regarding stop eliminations. I think that we need to look at a stop by stop basis of what stops to put back, not what stops to eliminate. I will admit that on some routes the MTA went a little overboard removing the stops, such as the QT12 on Horace Harding, which makes 9 stops between QCM and 188 St, compared to 34 stops on the Q88. But other routes like the Q64, literally stop every block from 164 St to 138 St. With routes like these, looking at what stop to eliminate each time, the trip from 164 St to Forest Hills would end up being maybe 10 or 11 stops, much more than the MTA’s recommendation of 4 stops, but less than the 17 stops it makes today. In this example I would say, start with the 4 stops, and see which you would add back, maybe Parsons Blvd, 150 St, 136 St, and wind up with 7 stops to the subway, a better compromise than what you would have gotten if you reviewed what to eliminate stop by stop.
  3. On the Express bus interactive map, it looks like service was added. Now there is weekend service on the: QMT162 (former QM4) Electchester-6 Ave (Weekday rush hours only, plus Saturday and Sunday hourly service) QMT164 (former QM2) Bay Terrace-6 Ave (Weekday rush hours only, plus Saturday hourly service) QMT166 (former QM1) Fresh Meadows-6 Ave (Weekday rush hours only, plus Saturday hourly service) QMT168 (former QM15) Howard Beach-6 Ave (Weekday rush hours only, plus Saturday hourly service)
  4. The Airtrain only makes you pay at Jamaica/Sutphin-Archer and Howard Beach regardless of entering or exiting. The Lefferts Blvd Airtrain station has no subway connection, only the current Q10 LTD and B15, and is located by the JFK Long Term Parking Lot, so it is treated as a airport station, therefore it is free.
  5. The Q19 is currently one of the few routes that makes a profit, so that’s why they probably aren’t going to change the headway’s for it. The Airtrain is already free at Lefferts Blvd Station.
  6. The whole Q10/Q64 combo is not a great idea by far. However as a rider of the Q64 from the first stop, I like that nonstop portion from Main St to the subway. Not too big of a fan of the increase in headway, but its better then being stuck with the QT87 west of Main St every 18 minutes during the rush. Then again, riders near Main St will have the QT86 (former Q20) which also goes to Forest Hills, albeit via Kew Gardens, every 22 minutes during the rush.
  7. Interesting how the QT44 will only have 24 hour service on weekdays, with an 18 hour span on Saturdays and Sundays.
  8. One thing i would imagine that plenty of people will be surprised by is if the MTA actually changed more routes than those that were shown on the map. In the Existing Conditions Report, the MTA said they would be looking at all Queens routes, the M60 SBS, as well as 13 Brooklyn routes that enter Queens. Unless that was a typo, what routes are missing? From west to east: B32, B62, B24, B57, B38, B13, B26, B52, and B54, B20, B15, and BM5 What is the last route? Also only the B32, B62, B24, B57, and B15 seem to have been shown (or no longer shown) on the map we have seen.
  9. But why did they draw some routes in one color and some in another? The green, orange, and purple seem to have no rhyme or reason for what routes they are given to. They did mention that people wanted easier to understand maps, like frequency and light night bus maps in the Existing Conditions Report. Maybe this has something to do with that? I don’t know what though.
  10. Q27 looks to end dead at QCC. The bus on Winchester looks to be a new route from Jamaica to North Shore University Hospital in Manhasset. The routes on the map are colored purple, green, orange and blue, with no seeming reason for it. The purple is only on routes on the eastern half of the borough, plus the Q35. Orange is in Jackson Heights and along other roads like Kissena, Lefferts, and Northern Blvds. Green is almost everywhere, and blue seems to be on Select Bus routes, plus the new Linden Blvd route, the Q8, and a few Brooklyn routes. Also the M60 is yellow for whatever reason.
  11. https://mobile.twitter.com/JimRockaway/status/1206723003448463365/photo/3
  12. The actual map hasn’t been published online. The MTA held a public meeting on December 16 at Queens Borough Hall, where they presented a PowerPoint on the redesign plan. It was one of the slides they had, and it was posted on Twitter by @JimRockaway. The routes aren’t outlined, just the streets buses wil operate on.
  13. Based on the map the Greenpoint Ave half looks to head up Greeenpoint, then up Van Dam St to Queens Blvd. The map isn’t clear on what happens after that. Should find out tomorrow, since that when the Draft Plan is reportedly due to come out.
  14. They look to be cutting service in the area altogether. From the map shown, the Q59 wont be replaced on Grand St, and the B24 looks to be rerouted from serving Metropolitan Ave, leaving it with no service, to cover Grand St Extension with the Q54 and rerouted Q38. Also, the “How we’re doing it” section of the Brooklyn Bus Redesign specifically mentions reducing subway competition and route redundancy, and the Q59 in Williamsburg is never more than a few blocks away from the or B62. I would say B32, but the map no longer shows that route either.
  15. Looks like on the map the western part of the Q59, from 61 St to Brooklyn is covered by a rerouted Q38 that looks to run from Woodhaven Blvd station, down Eliot, and instead of turning around towards the Middle Village-Metropolitan Ave , it turns right on Fresh Pond, covers the Q39 to Rust St, and covers the Q59 into Brooklyn. It follows the Q54 route to Williamsburg after that. Looks like nothing covers the Grand St/Kent/Wythe Aves portion of the Q59.
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