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  1. The maps for the Queens Redesign have been out since the end of December. The QM17 is now the QMT170 and will end at Seagirt Blvd/B. 9 St instead of the Mott Ave Station. The Brooklyn bus network needs a redesign because similar to Queens most of the routes haven’t been changed since the trolley days. They are probably going to eliminate service on corridors that are next too each other like. The B48, B49, B44, B44 SBS, and B43. I can imagine them at a minimum cutting service along Bedford Ave and New York Ave to space the service apart. They recently released the Existing Conditions Report and will most likely release the draft plan sometime in late April/early May. N1 riders already have the free transfer to the N6 and the subway, so they won’t be getting a full time extension anytime soon. Grant Park is already not well patronized by N1 riders and served by the N31 and N32, why would the N33 need to head up there? And what does Goodfellas happening in Five Towns have to do with anything?
  2. I’m pretty sure since it says the fire spread out of the park, they meant that there will be streets closed in a kind of square from north of the park at Park Place, all the way down to 12th St, and from 4th Ave on the west side, east through the park to Franklin Ave on the east side. The B103 southbound, B63, B67, B69, B61, B41, B16, B45, and B48, would all need to be rerouted since they are in the square, and the B12 and B68 would be outside the streets affected.
  3. I agree with you on most of these, as I use these routes now or in the past on a regular basis. My thoughts on: QT11 (108th St segment): I would have this route operate as the MTA has planned, but terminate at the Forest Hills-71 Ave station. 108 St is not a transit priority corridor and always has traffic. I don’t believe a route should serve both sides of Forest Hills like the Q23, especially because turnover is so high at the subway station. I would reduce it to every 10 minutes on weekdays, instead of every 8 minutes, and would not have any overnight service. QT11 (Union Tpke segment): If this was a route just between Kew Gardens station and Fresh Meadows, I would be happy. The division of the Q46 into the QT11 and QT32 is excellent. As a commuter now to St. John’s, but also someone who takes the Q46 frequently enough from west of St. John’s to Lake Success, this split is needed. While the Union Tpke section of the QT11 needs more service, the concept of separating the St. John’s ridership from the eastern Union Tpke ridership is great. No more having to let several buses pass by because there is no room, knowing that once they pass St. John’s there will be so much room on board. QT14 (Lefferts Blvd segment/Q10): Operate from Kew Gardens to Lefferts Blvd Airtrain station. QT14 (Jewel Ave segment/Q64): Should follow the exact Q64 routing, but only stop at 164 St, Parsons, Kissena, 150 St, and Main St before getting to the subway. I would categorize this as one of the purple routes. The headway’s the MTA proposed for the QT14 would be fine for this. QT86: While is dislike the MTA’s reduction of service on this route, I do agree with the treatment it has received, basically as a coverage route, compared to the current Q20 just being a local version of the Q44. I took the Q20 as part of my commute to high school at Molloy everyday. While in this plan only the Q44 would service it, I don’t see that as a problem. The Q20 was utilized much less than the Q44 especially south of Union Tpke, and my own classmates would almost always wait for a Q44, even if the wait was 10 minutes longer. Simply because it was “faster”. Also by removing the bus from Jamaica, it will be more reliable than it is currently. I agree that the frequencies should be higher on weekdays, and think the AM and PM rush should be every 12 minutes, as i feel that the current ~7 minute headway is too much, plus the bus won’t need as much service to serve Forest Hills and Glendale, compared to Jamaica. QT87: Since I don’t want the QT11 to serve Forest Hills south of Queens Blvd, the QT87 still will. While i would prefer a routing that avoids 69 Ave and Burns St, if needed would would reroute the QT87 to run down 108 St from 69 Rd/Jewel Ave to serve the subway, then take the main roadway of Queens Blvd and turn onto Yellowstone Blvd to get over to Burns St, avoiding Austin St. As for the rest of the route, its a little complicated. I disagree with you on the portion between Main St and the subway, as I feel that it should cover the Q64 west of Main St. Every 18 minutes during the rush isn’t enough, and neither is every 30 minutes off peak, so for that section, i would have a QT89 also operate. As the QT87 would be my home route now, the 9 minute rush hour headway west from Fresh Meadows to the subway would be too much along 73 Ave from Main St to 188 St. If the QT87 is rerouted along Horace Harding between 188 St and Springfield Blvd, as a Green local route, it wouldn’t serve the expressway well since it would only be stopping at 188 St, Francis Lewis, Oceania, Bell, and Springfield. NEW QT89: Operate the same hours as the QT87. Both the QT87 and QT89 will be every 18 minutes during the rush and 30 minutes off peak. Follows the current Q64 from Forest Hills to Main St, where it would take over the old Q74 route to Queens College. That way Jewel Ave west of Main St would have service every 9 minutes during the rush and 15 minutes off peak. It would stop at Forest Hills , 110 St, Park Dr East, 138 St, Main St, Melbourne Ave, Reeves Ave, Horace Harding/Main St, Kissena Blvd/HHE, and terminate at Queens College. On the way back to Main St it would stop at Melbourne Ave/150 St.
  4. The QT87 follows the lower ridership portion of the Q23 for that exact reason. The entire route connects lower ridership areas, Little Neck on the Q36, the Q30 east of Springfield Blvd, as well as 73 Ave. Because the MTA wants buses to avoid narrow streets they have it avoiding the current streets the Q23 uses like Austin St, Burns St, and 69 Ave. People would be expected to walk to either the QT86 or QT87 from 69 Ave, or just walk to Queens Blvd. The MTA would probably have routed the QT87 straight down 71 Ave to Metropolitan, but chose Ascan Ave instead as the buses cannot pass under the LIRR trestle. They specifically don’t have the QT87 making stops in Forest Hills Gardens, so it was clearly not for ridership purposes. I hope the MTA and neighborhood can work out an agreement to let the buses just drive through, as it would make a much quicker trip from Queens Blvd to Union Tpke than via the current Q23, and would only be around 3 buses an hour in each direction at most, due to the 18 min peak and 30-60 min off-peak headways.
  5. At least the redesign plan has the QT45 which replaces the Q111 as basically an express from Guy R. Brewer/Farmers Blvds to Jamaica. It would only stop at Baisley Blvd and Linden Blvd between Farmers Blvd and Jamaica Center, compared to today’s Q114 with 3 additional stops at 137 Ave, Foch Blvd, and 109 Ave.
  6. I believe after the Fall 2019 schedule changes. It was detoured until further notice due to the frequent flooding on Brookville Blvd, and will most likely not be reinstated, as the Queens Redesign plan doesn’t have service operating via Brookville Blvd.
  7. Ran under MTA Long Island Bus. Followed the N16 from Hempstead to Rockville Centre, the N4 to Hook Creek Blvd, and then headed down Hook Creek to Conduit Ave, then to the airport. It was the N91 and it ran every 60 minutes daily except rush hours were it was every 50 minutes in the morning and every 55 minutes in the afternoon.
  8. It was a mix of low ridership, mismanagement, and budget shortfalls. N2/N8 Floral Park Loops Both eliminated due to low ridership N2 eventually brought back as the Elmont Flexi (Weekday rush hours only instead of Weekdays and Saturdays only) N14 Rockville Centre Loop Elminated due to low ridership Brought back as Rockville Centre Community Shuttle at same frequency with minibuses Ridership was lower than before and service was every 20 min b/c of the LIRR, too frequent based on ridership Eliminated again N17 Hempstead-Rockville Centre Eliminated due to low ridership Brought back as Mercy Medical Community Shuttle, runs every 40-45 min, rush hours only, compared to previous weekdays only service every 50-180 minutes N22A Roosevelt Field-Jamaica Eliminated due to low ridership Most of route duplicated by N22 and N27 N36 Freeport-Lynbrook Eliminated due to low ridership Alternative is the N4 N41 Mineola-Freeport Merged into N40; destination now says n40/41 Replaced by rerouted N43 N45 Roosevelt Field-Bellmore Eliminated due to low ridership N46 Hempstead-Bellmore Eliminated due to low ridership Alternative was N47 N47 Hempstead-North Bellmore Loop Eliminated due to low ridership N48 Jericho Quad Shuttle Eliminated due to low ridership N50 Hicksville-Bellmore Eliminated due to low ridership N51 Roosevelt Field-Merrick Eliminated due to low ridership Brough back during weekday middays only every 90 minutes Eliminated again N62 South Freeport Loop Eliminated due to low ridership Brought back as Freeport Community Shuttle, ran every 30 minutes compared to previous 60 minutes, too frequent for returning ridership levels Eliminated again N72 Hempstead-Babylon Service east of Route 110 in Suffolk County eliminated, NICE is responsible for Nassau Route number still used for N70 short turns, route is not different than the N70 from Hempstead to Rout 110 N73/N74 Hicksville-Wantagh Eliminated due to low ridership N73 brought back as Hicksville Wantagh Community Shuttle, ran every 30 minutes during rush hours compared to every 80 min previously (40 min combined N73 and N74), too frequent based on returning ridership Eliminated again N80/N81 Hicksville-Sunrise Mall Eliminated due to low ridership Both brought back with same schedule Eliminated again due to low ridership N80 brought back as Hicksville-Sunrise Mall Community Shuttle every 60 minutes, rush hours only Sunrise Mall Community Shuttle had greatly reduced running time compared to previous N80, buses couldn’t keep schedule Shuttle replaced by reinstated N80 with 80 min headway’s and original runtime in order to only use 1 bus Timeline: January 17th, 2016: N2, N8, N14, N17, N20L, N46, N50, N51, N62, N73, N74, N80, N81 eliminated June 26th, 2016: N14, N17, N80, N81 brought back September 6th, 2016: N2, N51, N62, N73 brought back April 9th, 2017: N14, N22A, N36, N45, N47, N51, N62, N72, N73, N81 eliminated; N19 and N57 saved from eliminated by last minute funding; N19, N21, N27, N33, N70, N71, N72 saw great reductions in service hours
  9. I have a feeling even with all this backlash, the area around Maspeth and near Grand Ave will still not get what they want. I would guess that the final plan would still have no service along 65 Pl or Calamus Ave, as on page 48 of the draft plan, streets were listed that bus operators recommend that routes avoid, including 65 Pl, Calamus Ave, Jay Ave, and 53 Dr, all in the Maspeth area.
  10. One thing i would imagine that plenty of people will be surprised by is if the MTA actually changed more routes than those that were shown on the map. In the Existing Conditions Report, the MTA said they would be looking at all Queens routes, the M60 SBS, as well as 13 Brooklyn routes that enter Queens. Unless that was a typo, what routes are missing? From west to east: B32, B62, B24, B57, B38, B13, B26, B52, and B54, B20, B15, and BM5 What is the last route? Also only the B32, B62, B24, B57, and B15 seem to have been shown (or no longer shown) on the map we have seen.
  11. But why did they draw some routes in one color and some in another? The green, orange, and purple seem to have no rhyme or reason for what routes they are given to. They did mention that people wanted easier to understand maps, like frequency and light night bus maps in the Existing Conditions Report. Maybe this has something to do with that? I don’t know what though.
  12. Q27 looks to end dead at QCC. The bus on Winchester looks to be a new route from Jamaica to North Shore University Hospital in Manhasset. The routes on the map are colored purple, green, orange and blue, with no seeming reason for it. The purple is only on routes on the eastern half of the borough, plus the Q35. Orange is in Jackson Heights and along other roads like Kissena, Lefferts, and Northern Blvds. Green is almost everywhere, and blue seems to be on Select Bus routes, plus the new Linden Blvd route, the Q8, and a few Brooklyn routes. Also the M60 is yellow for whatever reason.
  13. https://mobile.twitter.com/JimRockaway/status/1206723003448463365/photo/3
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