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  1. I’m not 100% percent sure, but I believe for the N22 and N24 you would have to get off an wait for another bus. likely the one you got off would head back in the direction it came from. And one weekends they are still one route from Jamaica to Hicksville so it wouldn’t make sense to call them different numbers. And with the N20, I still think they should have called the N20G the N21 and the N20H just the N20. Could have kept the N21 as the Queens-Nassau route with most trips short turning at Great Neck and a few during the rush and saturdays going all the way to Glen Cove. Plus they could claim that technically both the N20 and N21 have daily service in stead of just the N20 today.
  2. I don’t think that area, but it is the name of a neighborhood on the Brooklyn/Queens border. It’s the area east of Ruby St between Linden Blvd and S. Conduit Ave. The area is a “hole” 30 feet lower than the surrounding neighborhoods. Only bus service there is the B15 and BM5 on Linden Blvd. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/The_Hole,_New_York_City
  3. https://www.nydailynews.com/new-york/ny-mta-budget-cuts-covid-pandemic-service-layoffs-20201118-hzn4uwlnhzc7xhfatbwv5go7nm-story.html Latest update of the potential upcoming service cuts, according to Daily News article which says the paper has seen parts of the transit austerity plan: Layoffs of 9,367 workers 88% or 8,283 would be bus and subway workers 12% or 1,129 would be from LIRR, MNRR, and Bridge and Tunnel Would save $1.27 billion annually Expected fare increase, not specific yet 40% cut in weekday subway service Some subway lines suspended entirely on weekends Bus routes will be cut, but most riders would still be within 1/2 mile of a bus or subway line Bus routes not eliminated would lose service by roughly 33% $1.5 billion in construction funds moved to daily operating expenses through 2023 Plan would be adjusted depending on how much federal aid the MTA receives
  4. Okay I get what was confusing. Loop not in the sense of a route with one terminal, but in the sense of a route doubling back on itself to serve a location of the main part of the route route. Like how the Q47 serves Bulova Center by making a deviation from its regular route. The difference is that a route like the Q47 serves a location one block off its main route while this B2/31 combo has to travel almost a mile in each direction to get from Ave R/Gerritsen to serve the subway. I don’t really see any benefits to this. If anything just interline the two routes but keep them numbered separately. People barely pay attention to if a bus is local or limited, how can they be expected to know which bus they would need to get on if they are the same number?
  5. I personally think it is a very bad idea, but you are looking at it the wrong way. Kings Hwy is not the terminal, it is the middle of the route. If someone is going from Kings Hwy to Kings Plaza, the commute is exactly the same. The only people with longer commutes would be those who currently take the B31 from Gerritsen Beach to transfer to the B2 to Kings Plaza. Currently one could take the B31 from Lois Ave to Ave R, transfer to the B2. In this plan they would not be able to since it would be one route. If they did that they would have to pay a second fare, or suffer through a ride down Ave R, loop via Ocean, Quentin, E. 16 St, then back down Ave R, followed by the B2 route, since the bus they would likely transfer if they got off would likely be the exact same bus that they got off.
  6. I personally think the QT88 was one of the better proposals, economically. The Woodhaven portion of the Q11/21 have way more ridership and I think that the QT88 is the most efficient (albeit not convenient) ways to serve both parts of Cross Bay. It’s much better than the Q38 simply because there is a purpose connecting both sides of Cross Bay. There is no purpose to connect Corona-Otis Ave to Rego Park-110 St other then outdated routing combinations.
  7. I think I am reading his plan right, and what I’m getting from it is this: B2/31 Combo: Buses will start at the first stop on the B31 in Gerritisen Beach, follow the route to the Kings Hwy then instead of terminating loop around and follow the B2 route to Kings Plaza. Then trips would do the same the other way. The way it would save resources would be instead of having one bus on each route you would have 1 in total. Any potential increase in service would likely be eliminated by the additional runtime of the combination. All streets and stops on both routes would still be served. B36/100 Combo: He combined these routes too. The entire B100 will still be served just by the extended B36. The only portion that would lose service would between Ave Z/Ocean Ave and the current B36 terminal since it would continue up Ocean to connect to the current B100. Mill Basin and Marine Park would still have all their service at B100 stops.
  8. I’ll try to explain why the S69 has only carries three passengers a day. S69 does two loops to the Port Jefferson Shopping Plaza; one at 8:20 PM and one at 9:20 PM It covers the S60 eastbound between Lake Grove-Smith Haven Mall and Port Jefferson with the buses arriving at Lake Grove at 8:45 and 9:45 respectively. The last S60 before this was at 7:30 and it ran hourly, so a 75 minute gap isn’t that much worse. It also covers the S62 westbound between Port Jefferson and Lake Grove with the buses leaving Port Jeff at 8:20 and 9:20. The last S62 to Lake Grove prior to the first S69 was at 5:00 PM, a 3 1/2 hour gap in service. And finally of all of the other buses that the S69 can can connect to on its route, the S56, S58, S63, 3D, 6B in Lake Grove, or the S61 and S76 in Port Jefferson (plus the LIRR), NONE of the bus routes run past 7 or 8 PM, and only the 9:41 PM train can be connected to within 30 minutes of the S69.
  9. I’m not sure if this is the norm or just chance, but I have definitely been on several midday QM4s in either direction where I was the only passenger (before the pandemic)
  10. Yeah I believe it is due to the bridge being too low. The QT86 is proposed to run down Yellowstone Blvd, so sending the QT87 down the same route as the current Q23 would both be too close to the QT86 and have too many turns. By routing the bus over to Ascan then 71 Ave after the private neighborhood, it would split the current Q23 ridership area from just 69 Ave to two different routes. The private neighborhood is against having a bus run down their streets. Even though it isn’t going to be stopping in the neighborhood, or be a frequent route. At the most it would be roughly 3 BPH each way.
  11. There would be no need for a limited. Compare the amount of stops being made: Current Q64: to Forest Hills from 164 St = 17 Stops QT14 on Jewel: 4 Stops Current Q10 Local between Kew Gardens and Rockaway Blvd = 22 Stops Current Q10 LTD to Rockaway Blvd = 7 Stops, 10 Stops to the Airtrain QT14: 10 stops to Rockaway, 13 to Airtrain It would be faster than the Q64 on Jewel and the Q10 local on Lefferts, and slightly slower than the Q10 LTD
  12. How about adding a route to cover gaps while rerouting the QT82? Instead over covering the Q29 to Myrtle, the QT82 could continue down Penelope Ave to either 74 St (SB) or 75 St (NB), turn onto Juniper Valley Rd, and follow the current Q38 route to the Metropolitan Ave Then I would propose two routes to cover the Q29 south of Penelope and the gaps left in the area. QT23: Operates between Glendale-Myrtle Ave and Woodside-61 St (LIRR), operates weekdays only every 20-30 minutes 80 St via Q29, continues via Q47 route Turns onto Grand Ave Turns onto Hamilton Pl/65 Pl Turns onto Woodside Ave Turns onto 61 St and terminates. Returns to Woodside Ave via 61 St, 39 Ave, 58 St, Roosevelt Ave, and Woodside Ave QT25: Operates between Glendale-Myrtle Ave and Rego Park-63 Dr , operates daily every 20-30 minutes 80 St via Q29, continues via Q47 route Turns onto 57 Ave, providing coverage to areas between Eliot Ave, Queens Midtown Expressway, and Grand Ave Turns onto Queens Blvd and terminates with QT10, QT59, and QT63 As for the Q39 issue, one of the big reasons why it isn’t kept in the network is due to the amount of turns. Early on in the redesign idea, the MTA noted that routes like the Bx8, S57, and Q39 had too many turns. Now the Q39 is straighter, albeit broken.
  13. As the Q64 is also my home route, I’ll chime in as well. Agree with combining them during overnight hours. However I don’t think it would be too much of a daytime issue. Both Lefferts and Jewel are listed in the draft plan as Bus Priority Corridors and The QT14 is listed with the route priorities of 1) Faster Travel, 2) Reliable Service, and 3) Ease of Use, as it is a red route. The removal of a large number of stops with help prevent delays due to the constant need to pull into and out of bus stops. The dwell times will be longer, but it would lead to an overall quicker trip. By letting the QT87 cover the portion of the Q64 west of Main St, the QT14 can avoid stopping except at lights during much of the slowest part of its Jewel Ave route. And its not making any stops on Queens Blvd except at the subways, and since the exact locations haven’t been chose yet, it should probably stop where the last stop of the Q64 is on 108 St and where the Q10 short turns begin on Queens Blvd and the turn follow the Q10 route via 82 Av to Kew Gardens Rd. Northbound it could stop at the Q10 last stop on Kew Gardens Rd and the Q64 first stop on Queens Blvd. This way it can take the main road for as much as possible. The only other thing I would recommend would be QT87 short turns between Forest Hills-71 Ave and Jewel Ave/Main St, so service on that portion of Jewel is every 9 minutes instead of every 18.
  14. Fall schedules are up for NICE. N6X is back with artics N4X is still suspended and will return in January 2021 N16NCC suspended for Fall semester at NCC N16X is back, running between HTC and NCC via Hempstead Tpke/Oak St Since it wasn’t mentioned I guess the N16J isn’t returning either N22 is being split at Mineola with free transfers being provided between branches N22X is suspended not eliminated, will be returning in January 2021 N25 returning to regular route on 9/6 since LIRR construction has finished Plus other schedule changes Really think they should remove the /41 from the N40/41 route. It is literally just the N40.
  15. These aren’t necessarily incorrect, more like inconsistent: Q46 Kew Gardens Queens Blvd instead of Kew Gardens Union Tpke Sta like the Q10 and Q37 Q25/34/65 Jamaica LIRR-Airtrain vs Q30/31 Jamaica LIRR, while they are on different sides of the LIRR station, the Airtrain is still right there
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