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  1. IMO fare evasion should be treated the same way as shoplifting. Not paying the fare is basically stealing from the and should be delt with accordingly. Just like shoplifting, fare evasion should go on someone's criminal record. If someone knew that if you got caught for fare evasion it'll be much harder to find a good job or even get accepted into a good school, people would be less inclined to do so.
  2. 4263 is back in service after that incident on Friday.
  3. There's a schedule, but it only shows one bus that leaves at 2:08 PM on school days. Completely wrong 😂
  4. Something seems wrong about this sign... Never knew that there was an S48 Limited.
  5. The screens are now showing what lines are going to get service increases. The B65, S93, B17, Q69 and Q6 are getting service increases.
  6. Hopefully the new buses fix that issue since they have cameras. I'm pretty sure all buses have cameras (at least on the inside), otherwise, that's not safe.
  7. And cutting service on other routes to make this happen. (M55 anyone?)
  8. IDK if 10 minute overnight service on the M14A is needed though. The runes it's regular frequency overnight and the only runs every 20 minutes overnight. I doubt that there was an extreme boost in overnight ridership.
  9. Bet this teenager girl didn't pay the fare either. Hopefully she got arrested and has to pay for the damages.
  10. 2589 OOS. Not sure if it would be saved or of it's going to be scraped.
  11. I feel bad for S79 riders 4 buses bunching on 10-12 minute headways.
  12. Some of the older 2011 Prevosts have them. I guess the use of a coach bus shows the difference.
  13. You would think that the screens working properly is more important than a font on a sign, but it's the
  14. I remember that happening on the S78, last Friday. The stops and signs were working but the GPS was in the ocean. Looks more like those maps that you see on planes.

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