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  1. Lil 57

    BUS - Random Thoughts Thread

    And everyone knows, No MetroCard machines = Increased rate of fare evasion.
  2. Lil 57

    SUBWAY - Random Thoughts Topic

    Or only run trains to Far Rockaway and tell people to transfer to the Q53 SBS at Broad Channel for Rockaway Park during Late Nights and Weekends.
  3. But in Midtown there are 2 locations that buses terminate. Some terminate at CPS (Old X1/7/9 terminal) and others terminate at 57th/Lexington. They should at least say a street name in the destination sign.
  4. Lil 57

    Staten Island is playing the SIMs

    That lowercase sim15🤣
  5. I was reading this article, Link: https://www.silive.com/news/2018/08/first_weekday_commute_under_ne.html and the comments are mostly negative but this comment struck me... What type of agency is this, the is officially now the CTA, the Cutting Transit Authority.
  6. Lil 57

    BUS - Random Thoughts Thread

    I've heard that traffic wasn't too bad due to everyone rushing to other options.
  7. I don't know why the didn't put the correct signage for the SIM15. Like I said in another thread, the SIM15 should really say "Downtown Loop". And whats with the Midtown buses just saying "Midtown"? They should say either "Midtown, Central Park South" or "East Midtown, 57 Street". Same with the Greenwich Village buses. They should say "Greenwich Village, 14 Street".
  8. Ok, we got SIM8 buses bunching @9:07 PM at the SI Mall when the buses are running on 30-minute headways. So an hour gap in-between buses.
  9. Forget SBS, Introducing the new ABS, Amazon Bus Service.
  10. Agreed, If I was the I would split the Hylan Blvd routes like this. SIM4(x) routes would be New Dorp via Hylan short turns of the ETC route. Worth St: SIM1* - ETC via Father Capodanno SIM41 - New Dorp via Hylan *Note: The SIM1c would still run via Hylan during the off-peak hours. Water St: SIM5 - ETC via Father Capodanno SIM45 - New Dorp via Hylan 14th Street: SIM7 - ETC via Father Capodanno SIM47 - New Dorp via Hylan East Midtown 57 St: SIM6 - ETC via Father Capodanno SIM46 - New Dorp via Hylan West Midtown (Central Park South) (These routes would also run via Lexington in Manhattan): SIM10 - ETC via Father Capodanno SIM40 - New Dorp via Hylan I would also split the headways with the ETC and New Dorp routes, so a route with a 3-5 minute headways would become 2 routes (ETC and New Dorp variant) with 6-10 minute headways.
  11. Looked on BusTime for the SIM35 and there were HUGE gaps in PM service. at 6:05 PM there were only 4 buses on the WHOLE MAP. Either the buses aren't showing up on BusTime or there were a lot of missing/late buses.
  12. And this is why we need buses on Lexington Ave... SMH😑 I can see ridership taking a plunge if this continues, whether it's driving, the ferry or the S53/79/93 to the train.
  13. Lil 57

    Sim23/24 coming to MTA?

    Image an NG showing up on these routes🤣
  14. What they should of done is had the Park and Ride at Hylan Plaza. Much more options plus 24/7 Park & Ride service.
  15. The SIM5x/6x are seeing very little ridership. I wouldn't be surprised if they cut them in the near future.


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