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  1. Also some shuttle routes would being using the Williamsburg Bridge so it'll make little sense to keep the B39 if the shuttle routes cover the entire B39 plus more already.
  2. I agree. Why is the SIM1C running every hour reverse peak while other routes are still running every 30 minutes? Makes no sense to me.
  3. I'm currently working on a google doc that summarizes all of the changes of the SIM routes. I'm very upset with what they did to Hylan Blvd service. They added the SIM11 and increased service on the SIM6 but cut service on every other Hylan route. I thought that they would reduce some SIM6 service and give that to the SIM11.
  4. The B32 is in need of a service increase. Do you know if the B32 service increase is permanent or only for the shutdown? Also, would the M14 be cut overnights due to the L14?
  5. It's also like this in the AM, 8:10 AM is when the last SIM10 leaves from the ETC compared to 9:10 AM now. The first SIM1C from the ETC leaves at 8:22 AM. This is a way of the trying to keep things "cost neutral". "We made the SIM11 and extended the SIM1 so let's convert a bunch of SIM10 trips into slow SIM1C trips in return." Totally unacceptable.
  6. As I stated before if the spans made more sense, the route was extended to Midtown off-peak and off-peak service was every 60 minutes instead of every 30, the route might have survived. I think the should have given the off-peak SIM2 at least one year to grow before eliminating it entirely.
  7. Lil 57

    MTA Bus Operations: On-board screens and announcements

    Most LFS's on SI have screens, The NG's are slowly getting their screens reactivated. (4269 and 4265 are the only ones as of now)
  8. It's all comes down to who's running the service. Bus seems to be much more generous than NYCT when it comes to off-peak service, even though Bus is running into a series of budget cuts as well. All of the NYCT express routes that run off-peak have a weekend ridership close to or over 1,000 riders. The exception is the X28 which had off-peak service brought back a few years ago and ridership on that route is rising quickly (In fact all of the NYCT routes that ran off-peak gained ridership last year). Bus, however, has many bus routes that have weekend ridership below 500, some even in the double digits. (BM4 and BM5) I highly doubt that SIM2 off-peak ridership was like the BM4 and BM5 off-peak.
  9. The SIM4C also still has the 60-70 minute headways in the afternoon to Staten Island. The X17C ran 30-45 minute headways at this time towards Staten Island.
  10. IMO the SIM33C should serve the Narrows Road instead of the SIM3C because morning weekday service to Staten Island on the SIM3C has been cut forcing narrow road riders at that time to transfer to the S93. I do like that they kept reverse peak service on the SIM4C for the PM rush.
  11. So they want to make Uber more expensive but also want to CUT subway and bus service throughout the city? SMH!
  12. Lil 57

    BUS - Random Thoughts Thread

    1. The SIM5X doesn't exist anymore while the SIM9 does. 2. The SIM30 uses the Lincon Tunnel and doesn't run near the Battery Tunnel. 3. If the QM7 and QM8 are being delayed because of Lower Manhattan traffic, the QM11 and QM25 should be as well.
  13. Lil 57

    Express Bus Advocacy Group

    The last QM15 (7:40 PM) is still on the LIE as of now. Today wasn't a good day for the express buses. I would be surprised if this was a plot made by the in order to deter ridership and have an excuse to cut more service.
  14. Lil 57

    Express Bus Advocacy Group

    9 PM on the SIM3C when buses are supposed to be running every 30 minutes. How are 4 Port-Richmond bound buses within 20 minutes of each-other?
  15. Lil 57

    Express Bus Advocacy Group

    I just missed the 1:30 PM SIM3C to Port Richmond. However 15 minutes later, another SIM3C showed up. (Weird since the next SIM3C is scheduled to leave at 2:00 PM not 1:45 PM. The bus behind that "1:45 PM" trip left a hour later. Headways on the SIM3C at this time is supposed to be ever 30 minutes.


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