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  1. My mistake, I was thinking that it was the 18th for some reason😅 Well it's 2:36 AM EST, so now it's the 1 year SIM anniversary.
  2. Happy 1 year anniversary to the SIM buses!
  3. After some consideration, I’ve made quite a bit of edits to my redesign proposal, here are the main edits. Map Service Guide S52: Straightened out to run straight down Sand Lane instead of meandering through South Beach. The S58 covers McClean Ave. S53/83 LTD: The S53 operates straight down the Narrows Road like the S83 LTD. The S58 covers south beach. The S83 LTD operates peak hours only due to this change. (The S53 is pretty quick off-peak and the frequency is too low off-peak to warrant a limited stop route without having long headways on the S53 and S83 LTD.) S54: Rerouted to go straight down Amboy Road from Clarke Ave to Nelson Ave instead of meandering around Richmondtown. The S73 covers Giffords Lane. S58 (New Route): The S58 is a new route that operates from Bay Ridge to the West Shore Plaza via South Beach (Replacing the S53 and allowing the S52 to be straightened there), and via Gannon Ave/Victory Blvd. On Weekdays, some S58 trips would terminate at the Teleport instead of the West Shore Plaza. Runs 7 days a week. S72: Replaces the S73 south of the Bricktown Mall and is extended to Tottenville as a result. S73: Southern terminal moved to the Bricktown Mall and service to Tottenville is replaced by the S72. Northern terminal moved to the Great Kills SIR Station via Giffords lane to give Great Kills 7 day service. S74: Overnight terminal moved to the Bricktown Mall instead of Tottenville. S78: Huguenot Ave service is reduced to weekdays only, all other times (minus overnights) the S78 terminates at Hylan Blvd/Richmond Ave. Notes: The S54 isn’t as necessary due to the S73 and the S42 covering up most of it's old (today's) routing. However, it would be nice to have coverage for the Todt Hill area since that area is very hilly and is far away from any bus routes. The S59 could have short turns from the ferry to Yukon Ave since the S59 carries light south of Yukon Ave. I’m wondering if the S72 should have hourly weekend service. It would only require one bus and a few drivers due to the short trip time (reliefs could be done at the Chaleston Depot). But would there be any demand for 7-day service to the more industrial part of Arthur Kill Road?
  4. It looks like the B/O ended at the ETC since it's off BusTime now. Seems like that B/O did that part and everyone is now transfering to 8174, which is doing the part north of the ETC.
  5. Rare Catch: 2566 is on the S74 going towards the ferry as we speak if anyone wants to catch it.
  6. I was talking about one feature not every feature😒
  7. Why would the fare inspectors leave? The should know that once fare inspectors leave, people won't pay the fare. POP systems never work w/o fare inspectors 24/7. I wonder how that would work, since if it requires someone to pay double fare to go to Grasmere to St. George, people wouldn't be so happy. Also I highly doubt the number of riders using it to St. George is 97%. There's no way to tell ridership levels between Stapleton and Tottenville since there's no way of counting ridership. A POP system would help in showing ridership levels for those stops and the can adjust service levels accordingly.
  8. I'm thinking, would a POP system for the SIR work? Instead of installing turnstiles at every station, adding SBS like machines and having fare inspectors along the SIR would bring back more revenue from the SIR.
  9. The SIM23 and SIM24 are both operated by Academy. There's also a bus that goes from somewhere in SI to Boro Park that's also operated by a private company.
  10. Talking about the SIMs, I wouldn't be surprised if the SIM3C were cut to hourly off-peak because ever since they introduced rhe SIM33C and made them depart at the same time, the bus that gets to Richmond Ave/Narrows Road first gets a good load while the second bus carries 10-15 passengers (maybe less) out of the island. Maybe cut the SIM3C to hourly off-peak and use those resources to reintroduce hourly SIM2 service off-peak?
  11. I knew it. They might as well start unwrapping the buses and start taking the SBS machines away.
  12. Arresting people for fare evasion? When did that happen? Kinda reminds me of that guy who ran 23 blocks after he missed that M103. You might as well just take the cab to your destination instead of paying the cab just to catch the bus.

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