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  1. IMO the amount they want to raise the fares for the zones closer to the city this "flat fare" is straight out ridiculous, i.e. going to hempstead from Penn costs $9.25 now and with this it would be $14.50, over $5 more than before. Why should someone pay the same amount if they were going from Penn to Hempstead, a 20 mile trip as someone going from penn to montauk, an 115 mile trip? Also most of the ridership on the LIRR and MNR are coming from areas closer to the city, i.e. there are a lot more Nassau County riders than Suffolk County riders co this would mostly raise fares dramatically for the average rider. In terms of the LIRR, maybe you can do something like $6.75 for intra city travel, $9-$10 for Nassau county riders plus all the stations on the Babylon Branch and the electrified portion of the Huntington branch and $15 for the rest of Suffolk County. People traveling in suburban zones can pay $4-5.
  2. I thought it was going to open up when the ESA project is finished for the shuttle trains from Atlantic Terminal to Jamaica.
  3. Just a random thought, why is St Albans served so infrequently on weekends and have no overnight service (Babylon Branch trains pass by 24/7). Hourly weekday service is fine but how about adding overnight service and increasing weekend frequencies to Hourly. It would cost nothing and would help gain ridership.
  4. Just a random thought, why is LIRR service to St. Albans so infrequent when tons of Babylon Branch trains pass that station each day. Hourly weekday service is fine but Hourly weekend and overnight service can easily be added at no extra cost.
  5. Just a random thought, the should increase service on bus routes like Q5 and Q85 due to the fact that they serve a Long Island Mall. Malls are not allowed to open in phase 4 for NYC and I can see those buses being packed as people flock to outside the city to do their shopping. Which would make it harder to social distance. The could cut service on bus routes that serve city malls since no one is going to them due to them being closed and use them on routes that serve malls outside the city limits until malls are allowed to open in NYC.
  6. Just a random thought just got off the SIM33c and it had a pre-pandemic load (around 40 ish people on the bus once it hit the battery tunnel). One lady even went under the chains and sat in the 2nd row). Another thought, by cutting a 3rd of the local buses, buses are getting SRO much faster, which might be dangerous since it’s impossible to social distance.
  7. Deleted (Buses we’re running on a Saturday schedule today)
  8. Well it's bound to come soon, NICE already started requiring people to pay from the 27th of June so the should follow suit. The should keep their eagle teams though. Without them, the buses would still be "free" since fare beating won't be enforced.
  9. I took one of them today From Amityville to Penn Station (Expressed from Babylon) stopped at Amityville, Freeport, Jamaica an Penn Station, another super express left half an hour before which had the same stopping pattern but made an extra stop at Woodside. I believe that these trains were going to be deheads from Babylon to Penn Station to become peak trains so instead of making them NIS they made them stop at limited stops otw to Penn Station to get some extra cash. So ridership doesn't really matter. (I was the only one in the car the whole ride.)
  10. When is the summer pick is supposed to start?
  11. Thinking about that, do you think that the SIM1C should make a stop in Bay Ridge overnight? (similar to what the X17C did on weekends.) It could give the X28 riders by Bay Ridge a direct trip to the city and most other X28 riders can take transfer to/from the B1 in Bay Ridge since most of the X28 route is a few blocks from the B1.
  12. “Low Ridership”, you mean, not running the buses properly so people just give up on using them and use alternative methods. With the exception of the BM3 the alternatives for all of the other lines tell you to take local buses that for the most part don’t go into Manhattan. The core reason why people would take the express bus is to get to Manhattan. Like how is the Bx39 going to bring me to Midtown?
  13. And the BM3 is not running again, what a surprise 🙄
  14. I remember reading an article a while ago saying that if the went that path, they should keep the subway running on certain nights due to higher ridership. For example, close between 1-5 AM on Sunday through Thursday nights but keep the subway running on Friday and Saturday night since more people are riding late at night coming from bars, shows etc... I do agree that it the subway is closed overnight, they should use that time to do work so that there are less service disruptions during the day.

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