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  1. I've waited for buses at the NB bus stops at Ring Rd/Sears Platinum Ave and Ring Rd/Macys Platinum Ave for years and I just realized that the bus shelters are Beeline shelters, they even have the Beeline logos around the bus shelters.
  2. I find it funny that my Megabus tickets from Syracuse, NY to NYC only cost $5 per person while the express bus, which travels within NYC costs $6.75.
  3. I only thing is that the West shore isn't as populated as the other parts of the island and IDK how many people Working at the Teleport from NJ would use the train instead of their cars. The North Shore Line connects with the RVL at Cranford and riders can go from NJ to SI easier by public transportation, so that's why I think the connection would be beneficial.
  4. The other reason for terminating at Arlington is to connect with the North Shore Line if Heavy Rail was used but I don't think that the West Shore Line is as important as the North Shore Line (with NJ extension onto the RVL for some RVL trains to run to St. George) and the NJCL connection between Perth Amboy and Tottenville. (Most likely the link to Tottenville would be at South Amboy).
  5. That could work, but it should also serve the Teleport and the NY Container Terminal so that workers can easily commute from NJ to the Teleport and NY Container Terminal, so it could end at Arlington.
  6. They also could of connected the North shore Branch with the NEC or the Raritan Valley Line via the Arthur Kill Vertical Lift Bridge if they chose HRT. (Yes I know some track connections would have to be made for this to happen.) NJT could also have some trains that terminate at St. George via the North Shore Line for workers in Downtown Manhattan via the Ferry or for NJ workers that work in SI. (If there was also a bridge from Perth Amboy to Tottenville that connected the NJCL, you could have some NJCL trains run to St. George for same reasons as above.)
  7. Did the S78 operate every 30 minutes on weekends before the S79 SBS?
  8. And then they cut the service. The S59 and S78 on Sundays run every 30 minutes now, with the S78 still bunching. People shifted from the local to the "SBS" and the local passengers suffer. Talking about the S79, they need to add some trips that just run in SI on weekdays, Try taking the S79 north of Dorp going SB in the AM and NB in the Afternoon. All of the S79s skip the stops because all of the Brooklyn Riders fill up the buses to the rim, forcing SI riders to take the S78 or wait a very long time for a S79 that has room.
  9. They should, it'll also speed up the express buses over there.
  10. Bus lanes should be added on Clove Road between Victory Blvd and the SIE during peak hours in the peak direction. That area of Clove Road is a parking lot during rush hours and S53, S66, S93 and SIM35 riders shouldn't have to suffer.
  11. On BusTime it's shows Q47 buses serving the center.
  12. I believe the B39 has less ridership. But other than the B39, the S55/56 routes are the least used in the system.
  13. If you look at the cars in Manhattan, most of the cars are taxis and ride share services. And that would discourage using buses even more.

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