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  1. Maybe make the intracity trips $6.50 like the express buses?
  2. Lil 57

    BUS - Random Thoughts Thread

    Is that the same for the via NJ express bus drivers?
  3. Lil 57

    BUS - Random Thoughts Thread

    I'm beginning to think that some AM S89 trips are interlined with the SIM9/22. Because all but one bus is a Prevost/MCI. Guess we can call the S89 the X89 (or SIJ89)😂
  4. Lil 57

    Express Bus Advocacy Group

    Did they govern the local buses down to 35 MPH? Was on the S89 today and the B/O seemed like he was flooring it and couldn't go above 35 MPH.
  5. Lil 57

    SIM7 and SIM9 PM operations, Columbus Day

    Also on the bus stops, they forgot that the SIM1c ran on weekends! They only show weekday service at the bus stops.
  6. Lil 57

    BUS - Random Thoughts Thread

    8:11 AM, every single bus on the S89 is an express bus except for one lfs.
  7. A lot of people now have to drive/take a local bus to their new express bus because service was removed from their area entirely or the new service near them doesn't go to where they have to go. (i.e Midtown via Downtown route only going to Downtown, etc...)
  8. Source: https://www.silive.com/news/2018/10/mtas-troubled-travelers-how-is-this-better.html
  9. Unless if you want to run the S44 every 60 mins overnight. (I would of truncated the S44 at Forest/Richmond but saying that the S44 ends right in front of it's depot, it makes more sense just to have it run the full route overnight and alternate with the S59 at the ferry.)
  10. Lil 57

    BUS - Random Thoughts Thread

    Don't see any 33rd St short turns on the schedule. Are they school trippers?
  11. The S48 routing sounds good, but people using the S59 to get to the "heart" of Port Richmond late nights (Around Port Richmond/Castleton) would be out of luck. Unless if they want to walk 15-20 mins.
  12. But I think the S55/56 ran every 40 mins instead of every 30. You could have the S59 extended to the ferry overnight via Richmond Terrace. Maybe have the route run nonstop from the Ferry to Port Richmond to give riders a quicker ride or have it run local and have the S59 and S40 meet alternative ferries so Richmond Terrace riders east of Port Richmond Ave can keep their half-hourly service.
  13. Ride some SI routes, you'll be hitting 40 a lot.
  14. Didn't the S59 use to run overnight before the 1995 service cuts?


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