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  1. 7251 pulled out of FP @ 14:00 hrs a bit afterwards which was when I posted. Not sure to what route though. It could be a loaner.
  2. 8003 repainted with blue stripe in the front.
  3. 4222 @ QV not sure if it’s a loan currently on the 88
  4. It has the straight stripe. Looks like the 2015 LFS. The number 8026 is small though in the front
  5. Thanks for the response. Giving that it still had its scheme when delivered says it’s been scrapped for years but we still are holding on to it.
  6. Why was 3548 scrapped again? Was looking back through the pages. I saw it at Zerega today in the back completely stripped with its old scheme.
  7. It’s at the depot OOS. Says needs an engine on the windshield..

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