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  1. Weird, everytime i've been on a train that dumped, we started moving withing a minute. The best one was a doing 50+ in the tube and the E brake activating but the brakes were so weak.
  2. @MC CJ LOL I love how "is gay!" is scratched in on the blackboard. classic
  3. Great shots!!! I love the contrast between an old,ugly, beat up Orion V and a new, damn good looking XD40.
  4. There a still quite a few soft seat Orion 5 CNGS operating on the B103 LTD.....
  5. Now I can't wait to see these in NYC!! Wait, what's the The Tuskegee Airmen Depo? :confused:
  6. The train looked like it barely tapped the bumper block.
  7. Single track mainline + snow = epic photo op ^ I really enjoy this shot because it gives the sense of a train passing by at high speed
  8. Sick shots of some sick buses! Now you know I APPRECIATE this!!
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