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  1. The depots I would chose if I were to become a B/O are: Grand Ave: because I like riding their routes, and their drivers are the most friendly. East New York:because it's the closest depot near where I live, and their drivers are brave enougth to drive through neighborhoods like Brownsville and East New York.
  2. I did notice a few more RTSs from Flatbush having those partitions installed when I was riding on the (B46) yesterday.
  3. I've never read that thread when I made this one. When you brought it up, I've look at that thread and the conversation is changing. So why don't don't don't y'all talk about the (B15) limited in this one.
  4. I agree you. I thought this up because the (B15) is way to long to have no limited stop service, the B/Os might be tired after making runs from Woodhull to JFK.
  5. If the ever one day implement limited stop sevice on the (B15), here are the stops I propose. Fulton St (B25) Utica Av (B46) Ralph Av/St. Johns Pl (B45) (B47) (B65) East New York Av (B12) (B14) (B47) Sutter Av Riverdale Av/Lenox Rd (B7) Church Av and/or Brookdale Hospital (B8) (B35) Rockaway Av (B8) (B35) (B60) Van Sinderen Av Pennsylvania Av (B20) (B82) (B83) Ashford St/Livonia Av (B6) Linden Blvd/Fountain Av (B20) (Q8) BM5 Eldert La (B13) (B14) (B20) BM5 (B15) Ltd runs local between Woodhull Hospital and Fulton St/ Eldert La and JFK Airport. (B15) local serves the Brooklyn General Mail Facility. Whay do y'all think?
  6. I still see an old B12 sign at Fulton St. between Pennsylvania Ave. and Alabama Ave.
  7. I use to ride the B48 before the June 2010 cuts. Now I have to walk because the don't get me where I needed go.
  8. WTF. Can they do in a bathroom? Cause that's nasty.
  9. I saw that they install cameras on NG #4586 on the B49, so I toke pic. The camera is a bit small to my opinion.
  10. Sorry for my language, but I to say HELL NO!
  11. Guess the really needed some fresh air for once.
  12. To my opinion, it feels weird seeing buses other then a RTS on the B6. But I might try the LFS out to see how it goes.
  13. The B43 looks better with RTSs and NGs.
  14. Those back door announcement are so annoying every time I ride an NG on the B47.
  15. Anybody got the full updated roster? And what buses does Grand Avenue have?
  16. Come to think of it, I did see a B/O wear a gray sweater over his uniform on the B42 two days ago. Does he get I trouble when he Get caught.
  17. Mother Clara Hale should reopen in that time, but since 126th is not a MaBSTOA depot, that could cause problem with unions.
  18. Go to pages 64-68 http://www.mta.info/mta/news/books/pdf/110124_1045_BUS.pdf or http://www.news12.com/articleDetail.jsp?articleId=271944&position=1&news_type=news
  19. BROOKLYN - The MTA says it wants to reduce service to more than a dozen bus lines in Brooklyn in an effort to reduce its massive budget gap. Transit officials say the cuts would include the "B16," "B20," "B25" and "B38" lines. The biggest hit line will be the "B36" route from Coney Island to Sheepshead Bay, with a 17-percent reduction. The MTA estimates the changes will save it approximately $300,000 a year. The board is expected to vote on the plan Wednesday.
  20. Sorry about the pics being small. They came from my phone.

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