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  1. I got the font on Pages, it's also where I'm able to squeeze the letters together
  2. If you don't mind Javier, I already made MTA Dude's request
  3. Just spotted 7811-7821 leaving 40th at 12:00 pm heading towards Main Street
  4. WMATA's new Series 7000 uses something similar to FIND.
  5. TOMC trains will run on the 7 Sunday. The train will terminate at Times Square and leaves there at 1 p.m. http://new.mta.info/news/2013/07/10/lirr-provides-extra-service-all-star-game-events
  6. I got there at 2:15pm and they closed the closed the train event and I didn't see any trains. But I was able to ride the SMEEs. I hope if I come at 12:00, I will be able to see the trains on Sunday.
  7. According to http://www.grandcentralterminal.com/event/grand-centennial-parade-of-trains/2145403542 ,there will be SMEEs running on track 4. Scroll to the bottom of the page before the Schedule of Events.
  8. And, 7036 happens to have the MTA New York City Bus logo after the door missing.
  9. That one has a full glass window rather than the separated glass like the other busses in that series.
  10. I mean, what font is used here in their logo:
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