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  1. This one has always bothered me... the unnecessary shortening when the space is there makes no sense. 34 St-Hudson Yds would fit just fine. Even if they want to leave the "St" off, the "Yds" should be there. This and the Bklyn Brg one... I'm pretty sure they did the same with "Jay-MetroTech", despite ample room on the sign for "St". But that's slightly less bothersome. In any case, whether people read them or not, I definitely prefer the signs' text being expanded whenever possible.
  2. If I recall correctly, wasn't the WiFi on busses much more of a Cuomo/NY State push than an MTA push?
  3. I'd say that Jamaica Center functions better, in comparison to Flatbush Av. Since the is really by itself by that point, most of the delay resulting from that terminal only affects it. But since Flatbush handles both the and the (and the aforementioned problem with the Nostrand Av Junction), delays there can end up affecting service on all the Eastern Parkway lines. I wouldn't know how much it could ideally handle though.
  4. May I get an R160 find please and 2 station signs to go with it? Thanks so much and sorry if it's a bit much! 7 train extended in both directions (assumes that SAS/ESA were completed). Flushing Local 127 St-College Point 1. Next Stop: Canal Street - Holland Tunnel 2. Charles Street PATH (at Christopher St) 3. 14 Street 4. 23 Street - Chelsea Piers 5. 34 Street - Javits Center M34 Select Bus Service 6. 41 Street - 10 Avenue 7. Times Square • PABT 8. 5 Avenue - Bryant Park 9. Grand Central • Metro-North • LIRR 10. Vernon Boulevard - Jackson Avenue 11. Hunters Point Avenue LIRR 12. Court Square E G M 13. Queensboro Plaza N W 14. 33 Street - Rawson Street 15. 40 Street - Lowery Street 16. 46 Street - Bliss Street 17. 52 Street - Lincoln Avenue 18. 61 Street - Woodside LIRR 19. 69 Street - Fisk Avenue 20. 74 Street - Broadway E F M R • Q33/47 to LGA 21. 82 Street - Jackson Heights Q33 to LGA 22. 90 Street - Elmhurst Avenue 23. Junction Boulevard Q72 to LGA 24. 103 Street - Corona Plaza 25. 111 Street Q48 to LGA 26. Mets - Willets Point Q48 to LGA • LIRR (during games) 27. Flushing - Main Street Q48 to LGA • LIRR 28. 149 Street - Northern Boulevard 29. 150 Street - Willets Point Boulevard 30. 15 Avenue 31. Parsons Boulevard - Whitestone Bridge 32. 132 Street 33. College Point - 127 Street Station signs: Uptown, 42 St, & Queens To College Point or Flushing via Local. Weekday afternoons take express for stops after Flushing. To College Point-127 St via Express, Weekday afternoons. Other times take local. To Tribeca, Manhattan To Tribeca-Chambers St, via Flushing Express, AM rush hours. Other times take local on opposite track. Again, thanks so much.
  5. Thank you so much! They're amazing B)
  6. May I have a few FASTRACK-based signs please? Court Square-23 St Jay St-Metrotech Whitehall St-South Ferry ---and a destination sign at 42 Street?--- Downtown and Brooklyn via 8 Av Local FASTRACK To Far Rockaway or Ozone Park, late nights. Other times on express track. To Euclid Avenue, all times except late nights. Late nights take . To Lower East Side-2 Av, late nights. Other times take to 5 Av for to Coney Island. To World Trade Center, all times. To Coney Island-Stillwell Av, late nights. Other times take to 5 Av for . Other times, only and stop here. Much appreciated and sorry if it's a lot.
  7. to Bedford Park? Must have been a serious switch problem, and I hope SOMEBODY got a picture or something.
  8. :May I get a station sign: Willets Point - 126 Street (three bullets, one Dark Red, one Magenta/Pink, and one Sienna with any designations that aren't used) :and 2 R160 exterior signs: [whichever design. you used with the Dark Red] to WHITESTONE via 5 AV LCL via QUEENS LCL to CROWN HEIGHTS via PELHAM EXP via LEXINGTON AV EXP via EASTERN PKWY EXP Thanks so much and sorry for the lack of decisiveness B)
  9. I must agree with you on that note. You can really learn just how much goes behind these thoughts.
  10. I'm not sure myself. I heard about it, arriving actually about the same time at 125 St and Lex on a Crown Hts-bound to transfer to an uptown and I hear this announcement that due to that police investigation [at Borough Hall], there is no train service in both directions (in actuality, a arrived within 7 minutes). I thought I heard wrong until it mentioned taking the to 3 Av and transferring to the Bx4. Now idk what happened, and why it caused a "suspension" in service o_O. If somebody knows, please enlighten me (and the O.P.).
  11. Do any of you know how the headways can be/are calculated? Any info would be helpful.
  12. Thanks so much. It looks great :tup:
  13. Can I have one of the Voltliners for a Q44 short-turning at Parkchester? Q44 HUGH GRANT CIRCLE PARKCHESTER STATION Q44 via MAIN ST via CROSS BX EXPY Q44 LIMITED thanks.
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