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  1. I get what your sayin totally, But "Ignorant ASS Conservatives" Annoy me... Not Conservatives..... Jus Ignorant Ass conservatives.. ;-)
  2. November 14th! Sprint releases the Samsung Galaxy Tab. http://www.samsung.com/us/mobile/galaxy-tab/SPH-P100ZKASPR#
  3. They said love is like a toy. When it's new, it's so loved and don't want to lend it to others, doesn't want anybody touching it and don't want to let go of it. Yes, it's being taken care of, but the down side is, it's being played so many times.
  4. So u Have an iPhone?? Would you switch carriers once the phone is released to other major service providers?
  5. wutchu mean? Do u have an iPhone... u dont have to get one, and its still $10 less than at&t.
  6. The HD Video Is great. The Video Chat in 4G is Excellent. 3G it looks Good, But not Great. That 8MP Camera does wonders on Video. Capturing Quality HD Videos.
  7. Difference is it's not a Phone... Its A Tablet... Equivalent to an "Apple iPad".
  8. I love my Evolution!!! Its Great..... No Need for a Keyboard with the "Epic".... My Evo is jus Fine!

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