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  1. In recent weeks, a couple of MCI's have been seen on the 400/403, but none recently [Newton's 5500s were in use. they seem to avoid the 59-6000s, Why?]. 5388 was seen on the 400 on Thursday, are it's brothers 5389-91 down here too? If they REALLY needs buses, they should put 5230 in service instead of hiding it in the garage. Why is 5326 at Greenville? Washington Township needs every CRAPBIs they can get their hands on.
  2. The Cherry Hill-Pennsauken shuttle bus is being handled by a Newton Ave transit. MCIs handle the shuttles from Philly.
  3. I hope that includes better connections to the RiverLINE, PATCO, and the ACRL.
  4. Lots of CRAPBIs showing upon the 406, and a few are doing 401-Salem, 402-Pennsville, 408-Millville, and 410 Bridgeton runs. Is the MCI shortage at Washington Twp the reason these crappers [who need an overhaul like NOW!] are on these long-distance routes?
  5. Maybe when NJT digests PATH, they can then ingest PATCO down South. DRPA is just as bad as PANYNJ.
  6. NJT's handling of the movement of fans IMHO was a big FAIL. The two-part travel and the fact that their cars are not designed for this extra heavy movement of people, and finally the strangling security checkpoints made life horrible for travelers to the Super Bowl. This, however, should not dissuade another "Mass Transit Super Bowl", putting in in a city with the capability of high-capacity transit [like Philly, or Chicago, or San Diego].
  7. NJT doesn't use the PCCs because of a lack of loops on the HBLR/NLR, and also no offside doors on these cars.
  8. What NJT should do is order some NABI 40lfw's to cover any Novas left over after the NABI order is completed. Since these buses are most likely staying in Hudson county, a fleet of low-floor 40 foot buses would work very well in that dense urban environment.
  9. That is so much BS. I guess they didn't take into account the opinions of South Jersey riders [especially me] who think NJT service is PURE GARBAGE. I guess that this survey is well skewed in order for management to pat themselves on the back.
  10. If NJT does joint-ticketing between the RiverLINE with the ACRL, they should do joint ticketing with the NEC as well.
  11. They have been around for a month or so. I saw one on 5569 back in August. The shields are popping up on Hamilton Garage buses in Trenton as well, and don't be surprised that they are showing up on Egg Harbor's NABIs too.
  12. So the 6300s have finally starting to trickle out of Staten Island. Remember a few years ago when 6200s popped up in Manhattan, Bronx and Queens?
  13. 5374 had been stationed at Newton Ave from the time it arrived as a new bus to a couple of weeks ago when it was sent to Washington Twp.
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