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  1. not even close that honor belongs to Westchester beeline or some asian country.
  2. you suck too. Broken record. There is a reason why I avoid absurdly long routes like n22&4. But admittedly the crap with n6x & n27/23 fiasco did hurt ridership considerably. OTP huh at least it's on-time every time I use it lol then again that happens to me a lot in general not just NICE.
  3. looked down on huh that is sheep mentality. The Madison ave line is actually one of the few decent Manhattan bus lines. The rest are a disaster. There is no difference between using buses in the city and in long island to my shock I met several SCT riders on the LIRR. The only difference between nice and say Manhattan is service levels and NICE's higher speed & reliability compared to Manhattan. Plus many NICE buses are only as frequent as the LIRR like 30 minutes to hourly or every 15 minutes like n15 or better on n6&4 & N70/71/72. N23 is 30 minutes but based on my experience is timed with either trains at mineola or Roslyn. As soon as I got off the oyster bay line N23 was already waiting for me both a northbound & southbound. The worst lines are N22,73,80,81,55/54&51 in terms of frequency & n22 for reliability but nowhere near as bad as many Manhattan locals. I have taken buses in many areas so yes I can compare them easily.
  4. I guess I keep getting lucky with buses. Montgomery county MD is also a wealthy county yet they have a very extensive bus network & a metro line.
  5. I meant even in the suburbs. Plus the way many LI bus routes are it feels like they are feeders to the commuter trains.
  6. well mineola is the only station with frequent and convenient bus connections. Rest run very poorly compared to LIRR service levels. N22/24 to RFM from LIRR yup I do it too. How is it antiquated explain how can NICE modernize? I got the same vide a bit that NICE is very outdated. Then why is transit use increasing across the country?
  7. at least NICE is more reliable than the M4& 101 lex routes. I guess I am the opposite. I would say that people are poorly educated about NICE. I mostly use em from the LIRR rather than to and from Queens as I am usually in a rush so I must use LIRR & NICE plus I hate cabs I don't feel like I am getting significantly better service than the bus then again I don't use buses for long trips unless trains are either non existent or available or absurdly overpriced like Amtrak. I don't do slow trips period I always use the quickest mode be it train or bus taxis are absurd for what is provided and to me only used as a last resort.
  8. why do people who use nice not use the lirr and why do people who use lirr not use the bus? Especially if many NICE buses meet the LIRR? why does bus service fail in long island.
  9. you do realize NICE is like a commuter service right? Why timed links to LIRR except in southeast Nassau or the rest of the eastern part of the county.
  10. you sir are out of your mind just take the damn LIRR and use your bus pass on NICE. let's not complicate things with express bus that is geared to Queens then blow money on a taxi you don't even need. You have 3 options take LIRR to port Washington and use N23 or taxi (nice buses tend to meet the LIRR as soon as you get off use taxi if you like but it won't be much quicker) the 2nd option is LIRR to mineola then N23 or taxi. 3rd is if lucky get oyster bay LIRR to Roslyn and taxi or southbound N23 directly to the address. Ohh one more thing connections between N23 & LIRR are mostly guaranteed no you won't be on the horrible unreliable super routes that make NICE look so bad.
  11. Here is an instafix boost Q11 & Q41 service mostly Q11 off peak and slight Q41 adjustments then drop Q21 call it a day.

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