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  1. We were talking about story mode heists... GTA Online's heists aren't out yet even though they will be out soon!
  2. I went with the smart choice in the first hiest! I went with the freighter choice in the second! I also went with the firetruck choice! I just got platinum trophy (Get all trophies) on GTA V a little while back!
  3. I think I remember you saying you went with the obvious choice with the last heist... I picked the subtle choice!
  4. The NG's appear on the Bx1/Bx2 from time to time... Also the Orion V at times... That is nothing new... It's been a while since I seen a wrapped LFSA on that route...
  5. That's short for MaBSTOA... (Manhattan and Bronx Surface Transit Operating Authority)
  6. Yankees, Gardner make a deal! http://mlb.mlb.com/news/article/mlb/yankees-agree-to-four-year-52-million-contract-extension-with-outfielder-brett-gardner?ymd=20140223&content_id=68229434&vkey=news_mlb
  7. I managed to find said photoshopped photo! http://www.flickr.com/photos/9766253@N05/8561725384/in/pool-1977799@N21
  8. I've been wanting to know what was QSC's script font for a while now...
  9. Has anyone seen any NG's on the Bx15 since the split between WF and KB? Would like to see a photo of it! Haven't seen it myself yet...
  10. Oh, I know that but I'm not the one who is looking for an answer though...
  11. Definitely not as the BL60 does not go all the way to Jerome ave... That would be Boston RD and Astor ave! I remember that bus stop when I used to pass through there frequently... I'll pass...
  12. I bet this thread's going to get merged with Bronx thread... As it should!
  13. Yankees sign Masahiro Tanaka to 7 year $155 million contract! Read more here: http://mlb.mlb.com/news/article/mlb/masahiro-tanaka-accepts-seven-year-155-million-contract-from-new-york-yankees?ymd=20140122&content_id=66923096&vkey=news_mlb
  14. Can you download SchedNYC on a desktop/laptop? Or is it only on phones?

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