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Outstanding certification question

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I was put on medical hold back in March for T/O.I had to get my list number reinstated.I was told that I would have to take the drug test again and I would be getting a letter when they were calling up more T/O's


I have been on an "outstanding certification" since Mid May.I have not gotten the letter yet.Should I just go down to Livingston Street with my papers from the medical tests I had to get in March,or do I have to wait for the letter for the drug test??



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If you had your list number restored and they are passed that number in the hiring then you have to be first to get called for the next class unless there are others who had there numbers restored in front of you.


It is standard to have to re take the drug test any time 30 days have passed since the last test. According to Alex L on this site they just started a class and have a few more coming but they are small so I would find out what the deal is if I was you.

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I wont get my hopes up..but I know when I called a couple months ago it said that I was NOT on any oustanding certification..now it says that I am. So hopefully its all good news. My father is a T/O and I always thought he had the coolest job ever ! Hopefully I can get my foot in

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