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June 28: $2.25 day. My adventure within LGA.

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Even thought it's not railfan trip, I put it here.


I stay up until around 12:01, then went to sleep around 3.

Woke up 6:09.

I wanted to check LGA if they updated their bus stops, so I went to Junction Blvd/Roosevelt Av, but I had time, so I went upstair to take picture of $2.25 fare sticker.

At Junction Blvd/37th Av, NG #4028 came on Q72, took picture of bus, and (MTA)Bus Farebox $2.25, then bus fare sticker, then departed 6:37, four minutes early.

Arrive Terminal D: Delta Airline(Northwest) @ 6:50.

Total time: 13 minutes.


I did not see the fare on bus stop, so I got on Q33 #3648 departed 6:54, arrive US Airways Shuttle @ 6:55.

Total time: 1 minutes.


No sign of fare info, so I caught Route B #704 departed @ 6:57, arrive Terminal C: US Airways @ 6:58.

Total time on Airport Shuttle Bus: 1 minute.


Again, no sign of fare info, so I caught Route A #702 departed 6:59, arrive Central Terminal Area C @ 7:01.

Total time on Airport Shuttle Bus: 2 minutes.


Rush to Central Terminal Area B, and LGA bus stop still shows sign as $2.00!

I made it announcement that M60, Q33, Q48, Q72 and Q47 from Marine Air Terminal are $2.25, reduce-fare $1.10


NG #3868 on M60 came and departed 7:04, arrive Terminal A-Marine Air Terminal @ 7:09. Took picture of (NYCT) Farebox.

Total time: 5 minutes.


There was no fare info at Terminal A, so got on friendly Route A #705 B/O departed 7:16, arrive Central Terminal Area C @ 7:28.

Total time on Airport Shuttle Bus: 12 minutes.


As I waited for Q72, hoping NG again, I made sure everyone knows fare is $2.25/reduce fare $1.10.

#4030 came on Q72 and departed Area B @ 20:03.

At 23rd Av, one hispanic man boarded with $2.00 in coins. He still didn't understand when B/O told him 25 cent more.

At Northern Blvd, senior citizen did not understand B/O when he said, 10 cent.

Arrive Junction Blvd/Roosevelt Av @ 20:19.


Next, I went up the stairs and checkout 15% bonus. I recorded $8 to $86. Chart will come soon.

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