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Completely New to Transit


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heyloo everyone, i just started riding the Houston METRO a couple of weeks ago, and i have to say i'm loving it

i got lost my first trip, but now i'm doing fine, and i have become fascinated with mass transit systems

this is where you guys come in! :P

although i don't know much about new york's transportation, i'm definitely excited to learn about it and that of other places all around the world.

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welcome aboard, i agree you'll learn lots here, i myself grew up in New York City Brooklyn to be exact, and in doing that i grew up riding the subways, ive been on every line many times over. now ive been to Houston however i never knew thay had a subway, idve loved to check out that system and compare to ours, however i have been on the CTA system in Chicago, its my personal opinion that our system is the greatest in the world, considering the use of express/local service, the vastness of it, its rich history, not to mention all the commuter systems that connect so in essence this system spans 3 states NY,NJ,CT enjoy exploring our system youll even get to see what equipment is used here.

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