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Breaking News on the ENY TMC RTS 8774 to WF


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Well ya know I just a saw an RTS 8774 to West Farms Depot. Straight from ENY in Brooklyn to the Bronx. I guess it gonna make it last run to WF before it retired and still got that ENY Depot logo stickers. Tell me what you all think..

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#8774 is built by Nova Bus ( i mean #8750 - #9699 are built by

NOVA Bus in 1996 - 1998. and why will (MTA) nyct is consider to retire

1996 RTS Nova Bus #8774. is it too early to retire #8774.

#8774 is in good condition. wait until january 2010 that #8774

going to be retire.

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Oh my bad is 8474. Ne ways I just took the picture and it was running on the Bx6 route. I remember that same bus is at the ECH depot to get scrapped. But now that decided to transfer it to West Farms. If ne thing im goona post the pics later on tonight.Remeber is an 1993 RTS Bus.

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From what I gathered, 8474 and two other TMCs were sent to West Farms.


Those three, the 4 1998-99 O5s, the 1993 TMCs and the 1994 NovaBuses there at WF from what I heard will be sent to other depots and replaced with College Point's O5 GNCs by the end of the year. The CP O5 GNCs will also replace the WF 1993 O5s being scrapped.


Don't know what will become of the WF 1994-95 O5s though...




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when West Farms Depot recieve College point depot Orion5 CNG.

i believe 1994 - 1995 orion5 #400 series will be sent to

J.F.K depot or Far Rockaway depot. ( i am only take guess)

it will be better if #400 series be sent to Far Rockaway Depot

( while thewy can not handle orion7NG. and they are recieving

orion5 BEE-Line.?

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