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Fan Trip around SEPTA/NJT service areas


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Well, the trip yesterday was fun. I went to Trenton NJ, Neshaminy PA, Morrisville PA and Upper Darby PA(i didn't say philly because i am in Philly lol)


I started the day with a ride on 5105 on the 14 Neshaminy Mall line, but the people were in a rush so my daypass didn't get stamped yet lol [the bus was like 2 mins late]



Then i went to trenton via the 127 TRENTON line, and i got bus 4548, this bus LITTERALLY sounded like a lawnmower, every time the bus slowed down, you would hear the sound of a lawnmower... it was weird, but i guess that's why we call them that eh?



About 1 hour and 20 mins later, i was finally in trenton. And this was around 9:20 ish, so i just missed rush hour, however there were loads of mini buses running all over the place!









And some Metro-D Transits too








Then i went into the station and did some rail fanning, and met some of the nicest people (i wasn't the only transit fan in trenton yesterday)












then i went back up to the surface



When we got there, 2523 was was right there, so since i already took a pic of it, i decided to ride it... the mini RTS buses ride way better than SEPTA's Eldorados do :P

Anyway, after that ride, i got off next to a SEPTA 127 Stop and followed the route towards trenton transit center... but i didn't go all the way there. i wanted to get a few more pics around the city before i left again...










got to see a fully wrapped 1891 on the 601




Then, i saw SEPTA 4530 comming up the street, so then i knew that my trenton time was over (unless i stayed for another hour.... which wouldn't be right seeing how i was getting hungry anyway :P)




we got to neshaminy at 11:55 but then... i reeeeaaaaally had to go, so i was hunting around neshaminy mall for the bathroom, i found it quick. but getting out took some time, seeing how alll the walls and stores looked the same to me and the maps don't have a "you are here" symbol or nuthin, so i was lost...


Finally got out at 12:09, just intime to catch my frankford bound 14 to FTC, the ride was fun, and we even raced 8330 down to the terminal (but since it was in the express lanes, it one after we past holme circle




we finnally arrived at FTC at 1:02,




so i took 5549 down to my cousins house and "borrowed" his refridgerator, but then i took the MFL from Erie T'dale station down to 11th




I got there at 2:30 and stayed til 3:10, i only saw 1 NABI that whole time...




But i also saw something that i never saw b4 and may never see again: a Metro-B on the 404




Also, i saw 5550 and 5891 in service on the 17





and fully wrapped 8014 on route 17 also:




I walked down to 9th and Chestnut and waited for 10 minutes for a 21 bus, and spotted 5164 on the 47M



As well as an unwrapped 5679 on the 61




Then i went down to 69th via 8127 which was delayed by not 1, or 2, but 3 passengers with wheelchairs! I feel bad for them and all, but when I'm on a schedule, and already late... they'd better take that next bus! 2 buses passed by us: 8152 and 8137 and we didn't get to 69th until 4:20!



while i was there, i spotted some new signs for directons......




and ex-allegheny sharks:






after that, i went home... there wasn't much else to do.... and i only had 2 trips left on my day pass :P

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Wow, i feel like i just drove all around my area!




- A

that was why i set it up like that, i wanted people to share the experience and emotions that i had and to see the random dust particles that was on the bus with me :P thanks Metsfan

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You busfans need to go to hamilton transit center some time, they have a garage there, and several routes end there.


- A

i'll go next time i go on a fantrip (maybe next week to welcome in the new school year :) )

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Nice Bus and rail pics. Tho a bit choppy

yea that's the way my camera takes pictures, and i can't do anything about it til christmas because that's when my mom plans to give me a new one (it's not much of a surprise if you tell though lol) Thanks though

Slammin pics!


thanks to you too :)

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