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NJT Trains at NWK-Penn - Platform One

Fan Railer

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The station is on the national register of historic places. All changes must comply with those guidelines. The station is 74 years old, and entirely elevated aside from the canopy sections on the westbound end, settling over the years has caused cracks and tile damage to the walls, but there are plans to "pull it" back together using post tensioning methods that won't disturb the original design & architecture. The station needs millions of dollars in repairs, but it's ok to use for now. When (NJT) is doen updating its fleet it will likely spend $ on fixing this one up, possibly in correlation to/with Dock and Hack moveable bridges being refitted/replaced respectively. So probably about 6 more years minimum.


It is possible that they could get federal grants to repair the settling cracks and possibly re-open the canopy section, which is a stunning ceramic tile and stainless steel art-deco design!


- A

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