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R46 Storm Door Fail (not mine)

Fan Railer

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I would have never thought Error would think an R46 would be better than anything else.

well things change lol


yes there was a time i hated the R46s they were slow ugly horrible stuffy ew w/e...but now there is another train that surpasses the R46 in terms of ugliness stuffiness horror w/e and besides now since there isnt a RFW for me to foam over anymore anyway now i just want a window seat and get some nice sleep on the train lol

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lol wow....


Something similar used to happened to my uncle when he drove the (A). When he drove over broad channel or under the tunnel after High Street, the door would fly open on occasion and everything would blow everywhere. And when there was a storm over Broad Channel with high winds, fuhgeddaboudit.

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