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  1. Hey everyone, I'm writing this topic so I can get a wide range of inputs on this matter. Say you started out in transit as a T/O or C/R, how much room for advancement is there moving along from these titles, and is the promotion a justified one (e.g. the added stress was worth the pay, or lack thereof)? I know you can move towards other positions such as Tower Operator, Dispatcher, TSS, Rail Control Center ect... via promotional exams. What is the average time span between changing titles? Does anyone recommend taking these positions from T/O? I understand everyone has their own viewpoints on the matter, so I'm curious what people think. Also, did anyone start in transit and ultimately leave for something else they wanted? Thank you to anyone in advance who takes the time to give their input, it is greatly appreciated!
  2. List 1,65X and got the letter a couple of days ago for pre-employment for Nov. 29th. I'm weighing my options but am probably gonna try to defer my list number for a year or so, so I can finish my Bachelor's degree. Don't know if it's a dumb decision yet, but we'll see. Good luck to everyone continuing with pre-employment and beyond!
  3. Well that was off of the proposed answer key. My number of incorrect could have gone up or down with the official answer key. I'm assuming 11.0000 is list number 11.
  4. I actually just realized there's a list number on the letter. I have "List #: 11.0000"
  5. Just got a letter for the pre-employment process yesterday. Don't remember exactly how many I got wrong but I think it was 2. I probably won't be taking this position as my career prospects have changed since the exam. Best of luck to everyone who has gone through and those that are still waiting.
  6. Just outta curiosity, will the test really require the prior experience at the time of your appointment (hiring process), or by the time the application period for the test ends. I know for the previous C/R exam, you just needed the high school diploma by the time of your appointment, but from what I've seen, jobs requiring a pre-requisite (T/O, Station Agent ect...) require you have all of your qualifications by the time applying for the test ends. It's probably all too early to tell at all, but still...
  7. "Better to have it and not need it, than to need it and not have it."
  8. I got my letter today too. Number 5387 lmao... Oh well Ironic though, I went to 180 Livingston today, since it's near my college, to check my list number there because I just wanted to make sure everything went through, only to get the letter later.
  9. I'd honestly prefer if NYC Transit stayed in NYC... Just my opinion though.
  10. The ads are on a lot more sets now. I saw at least 6 sets yesterday with them.
  11. Saw this set today going the opposite way as I was getting off the train at Bay Parkway. It was a matter of time before they started this.
  12. I had just gotten home and I'm on the sofa and I see the door start to move and creak, thinking it was the wind. Then I see the fish tank start to shake and then the house is shaking... and then it was done. I thought I had gotten lightheaded tho first for whatever reason. What's sad though is how many people initially thought that a bomb went off... that's like the last thing that hit my mind.
  13. Great shots! I've always been meaning to get down there to that spot one of these days...
  14. Ha so it finally hit the streets! Great shots!
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