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the home computer seems to be weird and unpredictable. It currently has NO internet access. It will act fine for a long while, then all of a sudden I press some random button (any random button) whether playing games or doing homework, and the cursor and everything on the screen freezes for 30 seconds then resize to VGA and the quality goes horrible.


It goes from this



to this


The only way to fix that is to restart the computer. Does anyone know how and why this happens in the first place?

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What you should do is Delete the VGA Driver and have Windows Automatically install the driver. See if it helps. Does for me.


Also make sure your using the LATEST service packs and updates, naimly Service Pack 3, since older Service Packs are unsupported and you may have an outdated Driver. Get SP3 for free at windowsupdate.microsoft.com or windowsxp.com

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