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Owner Fred Wilpon says 'it's a championship season' for Mets


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Owner Fred Wilpon says 'it's a championship season' for Mets

PORT ST. LUCIE - Fred Wilpon, whose spring-training declarations usually teeter between vague and unambitious, this time offered a concrete, borderline Steinbrenneresque expectation.


After authorizing a $140 million payroll - a franchise record by roughly $20 million - the one-time author of "meaningful games in September" fully expects the Mets to be playing games in October. Make that late October.


"It's a championship season," said Wilpon, in unusually blunt terms, during an early afternoon address at the team's complex. "We expect to be in the playoffs, and deep into the playoffs. That's our expectation."


Full story: nydailynews_logo.gif icon_offsite.png - February 20, 2008

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