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IRT & MNRR Trip, Sat May 8th


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Here's a trip I'd like to do encompassing both the (4) , (6) and the MNRR.


Meet at 10:30-10:40 @ GCT (4) Bronx bound platform, inner track, 10 car marker.

2nd pick-up point (4) @ 161st St / Yankee Stadium @ 11:00.

Continue on the (4) with photo-stops at 167th, Mt Eden, Kingsbridge & Bedford park (good street views).

Return to 125th st, XFR to the <6> Pellham bound to Hunts Point.

XFR to the (6) with photo-stops at Elder, Castle Hill, West Chester, Middletown & Buhre.

Return to 125th St, short walk to MNRR 125th St station for photo's.

Return to GCT either via MNRR or the (4)(5)(6).

Lunch when we get hungry.

Please reply by Fri, May 7 if you're interested.

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I've added some time details to the (4)(6) and MNRR trip, Sat, May 8


Meet time 10:30 @ GCT, (4) Bronx-Woodlawn bound train, center platform, 10 car marker.

2nd meet point 10:50, (4) @ 161st St/Yankee Stadium.

Continue north on the (4) to Woodlawn with various photo stops along the way.

Depart Woodlawn @ 12:00, (4) to 125th St.

At 125th St, XFR to the <6> Pelham bound to Pelham Park, arr 12:45

Return on the (6) Brooklyn bound to 125th St with various photo stops along the way.

Arrive 125th St @ 1:45. Lunch @ MacDonalds 1:45-2:15

Walk ½ block to the MNRR platform for some MNRR action from 2:30 to 3:30.

Return to GCT on the (4)(5)(6), arr 4:00. Trip ends @ GCT.


There are several Service Advisories listed for that weekend so times are approximate after leaving 161st St and we may have to make some last minute adjustments.

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I'm interested in the MNRR part. Since it's going to be done on a weekend, it could be done via a CityTicket.

We shod be leaving MacDonalds at 125th at approx 2:15 and plan to be at the 125th St MNRR platform from about 2:20-3:30. Hope you can join us.

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