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Where are my Conductor's? Have you heard them?


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Have you ever had the same conductor for a while and just suddenly wondered what happened to them?


I get on the Brooklyn bound (D) Train at Columbus circle 59th street almost every Wednesday night at the same time. It's either the 9:45PM train or the next one which usually arrives a few minutes before the hour. The 9:45 train used to have the same conductor almost all time with a very strong Indian accent, and the next one had a Very thick strong African American Accent. What I liked about these two Conductors was they both did the announcements loud and clear. I have to admit the Second one almost

Sounded like he recorded from before. I hate those Conductors that mumble in to the loud speaker, it sounds sometimes like they don't want you to hear them :P. What a waste of time.

I should admit it could get annoying when you have a long ride and he doesn’t stop talking. Plus he gives you all those messages from the MTA and NYPD but it’s his job I guess. Plus I think its very helpful for people that don't travel every day.


My main point is they both vanished. Maybe they took an earlier day job? Or changed routes or retired it could be anything. I'm just wondering. How about you?

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There is this one Russian conductor on the (R) that I get in the mornings that does everything in a sing-song voice, and every once in a while I used to hear him on the (F). Of course, now that the (F) is mostly R-160, I never know if I happened to have gotten him or not, now it's always the gang from Bloomberg radio lol.

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