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Long Beach (CA) Transit

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Highlighting the transit systems in Southern California, the first on my list is Long Beach Transit. This system covers Long Beach and the surrounding areas. Their entire fleet sans the Passport shuttles are New Flyers from 1996 to 2009 with their newest being LFA Hybrid featuring a new paint scheme. Here are some content from this system:


9706 at the Long Beach Transit Mall



In this photo, a pair of 9600s led by 9612 and 2201 also at the Transit Mall. The 9600s are the oldest LBT buses in service:



2902 is a 2009 New Flyer GE42LFA. This is one of 22 LFAs in service:



Here are some night shots, showcasing the various colorful signs employed by LBT:


2236 on Route 112:



2404, part of the first batch of Hybrids is seen here promoting the Grand Prix event taking place in Downtown Long Beach:



One of my favorite photos...LBT 2426 at Norwalk Green Line Station. I rode this bus and pulled out this incredible shot



Now for the Videos:


Long Beach Transit New Flyer GE40LF #2426: Ford Trition V10/ISE Thundervolt Hybrid Drive



Long Beach Transit New Flyer GE42LFA #2917: Ford Trition V10/ISE Thundervolt Hybrid Drive:


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