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Big Blue Bus of Santa Monica

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The third stop on the tour brings us to the Big Blue Bus of Santa Monica. This system on the western edge of Los Angeles serves the city and surrounding areas with UCLA as a major service hub in West LA. BBB's fleet consists of MCI Classics from 1995, New Flyer D40LFs from 1997, NABI 40LFW CNGs from 2001-2003, MCI D4000s, New Flyer L40LFs from 2005 & 2008 as well as Thomas SLF 230s used for the Tide Ride service.


New Flyer D40LF #3838 is seen outside of Union Station on Route 10 express which runs from Downtown LA to Downtown Santa Monica.

This is one of 67 NFIs and the first low floors in the system:



New Flyer L40LF #4066 in Downtown Santa Monica near the end of the Route 10 Express. This is one of 61 L40LFs presently in the fleet:



NABI 40LFW #4010 at the LAX City Bus Center on Route 3. This is one of 37 NABIs operated by BBB and the first LNG buses in the system:



New Flyer D40LF #3818 at the UCLA Terminal. 3818 is one of maybe a handful of NFIs with orange signs. This series is soon to be replaced by NABI 40LFW restyles and NABI 60BRTs:





New Flyer L40LF #4066 on Route 10 Express: Cummins C Gas/ZF Ecomat


New Flyer D40LF #3854 on Route 3: DD50/Allison B400R:



NABI 40LFW #4010 on Route 3 (Audio Recording): DD50G/Allison B400R


NFI #3818 leaving UCLA Campus:


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