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WOW! Pretty shocking news there. Even though it will no longer be updated it's a pretty neet looking website you made.


Yea, I had to be dramatic. It really touches me that even after all these years, people still look at the site and enjoy driving what I honestly enjoyed developing. :(


Originally I wasn't going to say anything, but I felt everyone deserved to know.


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Why did you stop on the updates Nova RTS 9147?


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And ps what ever happend to building the R1/9s and R21s?


Part of it was time. I was about sixteen when I first started my (:D(V)(E) project, and while it meant the world to me, so did going to college. Plus, I just got bored with it, and I wanted to explore other hobbies (ie women). I kept the site up so people who wanted to can still enjoy the car sets. As far as any future project is concerned, I haven't developed a BVE car since 2005, and after five years of not doing that, one simply forgets the programming. BVEStation has the R1/9 set (which frankly came out much better than what I could have developed). The R21 is essentially dead.

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