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  1. SmartLink works just fine for PATH. A similar system shouldn't be too difficult for the
  2. The gets it, which is why they're cutting service (remember the its not about service, its about the numbers). They cant take an entire route like the M8 or Bx55 at once because people will complain, so instead they minimize the service to the point where the formerly significant rider base opts to take more reliable means of transportation, and whoever is left gets ride up sh*t creek without a paddle. I give it three years before the M8 meets the same fate as the Bx55.
  3. I dont see either Alaskan Air or Hawaiian Air making a merger with anyone. The markets they serve and the codeshare options they provide makes them too profitable to try and marry one airlines. Maybe a merger with eachother is possible but I dont see Alaskan or Hawaiian merging with a main line carrier anytime soon. As for AA's new theme, the tail completely ruins it for me. I also hope both airlines learned from their prior merger mistakes and actually make something of their combined assets.
  4. Any word on the status of Beach 116th Street?
  5. If you need to consider AAR for transportation then youre better off just walking or taking another subway line. As for Cortlandt St , it was "ADA compliant" only because fare control was at the same level as the WTC mall, though I dont think there were elevators that could take you to street level once you got into the mall.
  6. Given that no Staten Island politician has made any noise about this (and it doesnt take much for SI pols to make noise) I highly doubt what you're saying is accurate. Staten Islanders already know how to get to the and anyone who doesn't want to walk the extra four blocks will alter their travel route to take that line. In summation, the South Ferry loop will never see passenger service again. Get over it!
  7. Something about how 2015 is two years from now (like we cant count) and how its going to take longer to retire the R32s than the R42s due to the amount of cars.
  8. Its good that Amtrak's record ridership has turned into something financially tangible (granted $361 million still is a lot to lose). Due to the nature of passenger rail it's highly unlikely that Amtrak will ever post a profit, let alone not need the financial assistance of the federal government. That doesn't mean that Amtrak isn't worth the time of day (and it damn sure doesn't "suck balls" outside of the NEC) but it takes political and social will to change something that's deficient in nature to something sufficient in function. And for the record, Democrats and Republicans have both equally not given a crap about Amtrak, Republicans just happen to be more vocal about it.
  9. A tracking device forced on kids, Is this what our country has come to?
  10. The R62s and R68s also have the benefit of being made in a time where the started to take maintenance and "testing out things before you buy it" more seriously. And to the issues of the R42s, current literature has them as being replaced by the R179s, regardless of the current deplorable conditions of the cars or any unconfirmed information we've herd.
  11. More problems along the Delays Posted: 12/23/2012 12:52PM Due to track maintenance on the Manhattan Bridge, downtown and trains are running with delays at this time. Service Change Posted: 12/23/2012 12:48PM Due to switch trouble at the Whitehall Street-South Ferry Station, trains are running on the line from the Canal Street Station to the DeKalb Avenue Station in both directions. Please expect delay in , and train service at this time.
  12. Moral of the story: Never take doomsday advice from a civilization that couldn't foresee its own demise.
  13. Delays Posted: 12/22/2012 8:02PM train service is running with delays in both directions at Kosciuszko St Station. Any word on whats snarling service?
  14. No one with a working frontal lobe took the idea of the returning to New Lots seriously...
  15. There were a handful of times (two I personally remember) when R62s would show up on the during weekend GOs where the line ended at 149th-Grand Concourse.
  16. http://www.nydailynews.com/new-york/mta-prefers-bus-time-countdown-clocks-article-1.1217360 Not for nothing, this has been announced before.... Any phone that can send and receive a text message can get Bus time info. It just wont be as thorough as the smartphone app.
  17. I never understood that odd love affair with the private lines. Yea the buses were nice but the service was too god awful and too inconsistent to even consider bringing back
  18. Yea, I feel after this season some heads will roll. More Sanchez than Ryan though. I take it you think its dramatic, which is fine. Mind you, the Jets have gone through four coaches since 2000 (a coach every three years), so its not completely implausible nor dramatic by Jets standards.
  19. Will this be the end of Rex Ryan's career? How about Mark Sanchez?
  20. Thats probably because the doesn't own those tunnels and isn't responsible for their maintenance. Unfortunately for the riding public, the responsibility for pumping water and fixing the damage belongs to Amtrak.
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