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A discrepancy on the (D)


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When the (D) is go'd to 8 AV how does downtown (D)'s get back to the Express at W4 where it needs to be to get to the bridge.....


on the NYCSubway track maps it doesnt show this as being possible...are they missing that switch on the map?


The way they have it the downtown (D) was to switch back at W4 it would have to remain on the (F) with no way of getting back to the West End...or if it stayed on the (A)(C) still no way of getting back to the West End.


Unless I'm missing something....

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It's not possible.


Uptown (D) can run via (C) W4-59. To do so, it must switch to the 6 Av local at B'way Lafayette. It can't run via (A) 8 Av Express!


Downtown (D) can switch to the (C) at 59, but it can only switch to the 6 Av local. Since there is no switch on the downtown side at B'way Lafayette, it has to run via Culver (F). That's what they did with the broken rail at 59th yesterday.


The key part to remember is that the connections are only possible from local to local. That's why during the (A)(C) via (F) GO's, the (A) must run local 59th-W4th in whatever direction they are diverted via the (F).

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