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  1. Nice, looks like the rollsigns are still the in the brief glimpses in the video unless I'm mistaken.
  2. That's true. I forgot about the obvious distinction for just being more simple and obvious for people since no s were running either. Perhaps if the were running, that might have probably ran to Brooklyn Bridge local and the would just go from Woodlawn to 125 St.
  3. So is the running in two sections, besides the construction, just for internal crew purposes like with the Broadway Junction ? Since I don't really see the difference of those from 125 St to Brooklyn Bridge just being extra trains that could just turn at 3rd Ave - 138 St which from what I can tell is where they are being turned around anyways.
  4. Well I guess this is going to be more common as we slowly move into CBTC. Fantastic timing during the evening rush also.
  5. As an avid rider, I feel the current announcements are fine. There are only 4 stop on the that are actually in Manhattan and it doesn't even follow the conventional Manhattan trunk line name of 42st Street Local or 42st Street - Flushing Local like the does. The quicker the announcements say whether the train is express or local, the quicker people choose to either get in or wait for their train. It is also why those awful LED signs are being added on the R188. People don't even want to even wait for the thing to blink Flushing Local or Express and just want to look at a shape and color and get on. I would say more of the riders that even know the difference already know that the runs express in Queens. Using the style announcement is generally meaningless since there are no express service in Manhattan unlike the on Lexington Ave.
  6. Ah ok. Thanks for the post. That's very interesting, but at the same time also highlights the issues with the line since it happens so often.
  7. So lately due to summer classes, I have been going home from the Brooklyn Bridge stop on the during around 4-6PM. I usually take whatever train has room at the time since we all know how packed Lexington Ave lines are. One thing I have noticed recently is that some trains will not enter service at Brooklyn Bridge but rather at Canal Street, one stop over. The train would enter the station empty and honking pass the station letting everybody know it isn't stopping. I know it isn't deadheading to the yard since I have taken the express train leaving along side with it and at Canal Street it would stop and take passengers. I have not noticed any on the schedule that shows this or can find any topics on the forum. So I am wondering is there some G.O. for this or has this always been a thing and if that is the case, how long has this been a service pattern during rush hours. If not how recently was this a thing or is this just a coincidence when I see this happen.
  8. I would think the shuttle would probably start a little bit later so it doesn't conflict with it.
  9. Nice I would go back and edit my post but it seems I cannot edit my older posts in this topic.
  10. It's the same when Broadway had running express when the north side of the bridge was closed or before that yellow . There is no where else to put the lines that wouldn't cause a huge headache with the switches.
  11. Yeah it's a shame its the only old map that was kept lol. I used to stockpile a bunch of maps when I was younger and they all got thrown out over the years. Most of the map is relatively the same as current lines but if people want to see the rest of the map, I can try to take more pictures of it.
  12. I thought Euclid Av had switches before entering the station with trains coming from Manhattan, do they not exist anymore? Granted it would be a lot of switch work but can switch local going to Euclid and the shuttle can just terminate on the Queens Bound express track and the going towards Manhattan can continue to use the express track. This is all based off the NYCSubway track map which I am told can be very outdated in parts.
  13. Since the SAS maps edits are out. Just wanted to post something I found recently which is a March 2001 map when the 6th Avenue existed and 6th Avenue express tracks were packed with 3 lines. This is just the line of the map posted. Sorry about the markings lol. Younger me liked to write on maps. Higher resolution pictures on imgur. https://imgur.com/a/DqvF5
  14. Ah, that's just a bug. Somebody mentioned this awhile back, maybe they will update it at some point, who knows. While they are at it, might as well update the announcements in Manhattan from this is a Queens Bound train to this is a Queens Bound local/express train since the regular announcements are pretty worthless with the bug in the signs at the moment.
  15. When the LEDs were still being installed, the front rollsign would be changed also, but once they were fully installed, many instances with needing to get the trains out, the front and the side LEDs were often mismatch with express in the front and side local and it was actually a local train and with local front and side express with it actually being a local train, etc. TA just felt it was better to let the LEDs tell the story of the train and they handed out pamphlets saying to check the LEDs for what train it is instead of the front signs. On the they are changed probably due to the destination differences unlike the with the same ones and just different stops.
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