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Random busses & trams from around the world! (not mine)

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Found these.....

















I wanna see one of those longer ones on the :septa: 130....... :cool::D:eek:


- A

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The long red one at the bottom of the post is used in UK for airport shuttle to and from several airports, i believe heathrow would be the main point, but they also serve city airport and gatwick.


- A

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Well actually the Red bus is the Skybus Shuttle in Melbourne Australia. It runs from Melbourne Airport to Southern Cross Station every 10 minutes. 24 hours a day 7 days a week. It could be parked at the airport depot I'm not sure. Haven't been to the airport in years. The bus Scania L94UB 14.5m/Volgren "CR227L". Skybus also have Artics. They have them in CR227L and more recently King Long bodied ones:




In fact all the photos are from Australia.


I did a quick look and:

1: Yarra Trams D1 Class tram. D1.3502. AOA for Wicked. At Luna Park, St Kilda.

2: I have no idea on that one. It's in the nation's capital though.

3: Adelaide Metro Bombardier Flexi Classic and a H class tram H.367(No H class trams are in service anymore). Appears to be the City West Terminus.

4: TV1765 Hopkinsons(Denning Decker/Denning), Wisely's I'm not sure about. I can't read the rego. Be in NSW.

5: Yarra Trams D1 Class tram. D1.3502. AOA for TAB big 6. Tram behind is a Z3 tram and in the background is a B2. Swanston Street, Melbourne.

6: ACTION 706(Renault PR180.2 (artic)/Ansair (Mk I)). Somewhere in Canberra.

7: Skybus unknown fleet number (Scania L94UB 14.5m/Volgren "CR227L"). Be at Melb Airport.

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