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Display/Electronic signs


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I don't know if this is the right place, but here's a little something I made. I was just playing around with it and I don't think it looks that bad. I need to change a couple things, but here it is.


Animated Version:


(the blinking text is messed up...)


Make A Request



(1): Station Name (Alte Haas Grotesk)

(2): Letter/Number of Route (Helvetica LT Std Bold)

(3): Via Local | Express | Shuttle | Special | Limited (Alte Haas Grotesk)

(4): NO REPORTED DELAYS is default text. Can be changed to whatever you want as long as it fits (Alte Haas Grotesk)

(5): Destination/Terminal (Alte Haas Grotesk)

(6): Countdown time. Text turns orange at 1 and 0 minutes (Alte Haas Grotesk)

(7): Scrolling announcements. (Digital-7)

(8): Current time and date. (Digital-7 or Helvetica LT Std Bold)

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Thanks for the feedback. How about this? I also changed Holland Street to Holland St since I used Av instead of Avenue and Boulevard doesn't fit most times.




Also, I think the font of the time and date should be changed to one that's easier to read.:tup:

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Yeah I thought that too but I wanted these to be something like the new countdown timers...if everything has a normal font, it won't seem machine-like :)




NEW! (for when the 2nd av subway is finally completed)




NEW! (for those who like the V)



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nice sig, im an animator and the sign looks :cool: btw that font for the time :rock:


haha thanks. i used digital-7 for some of them and Helvetica LT Std Bold


Man thats damn good. How did you do that?


If I told you the actual program I used, you would be surprised. :)



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Wow, it sure doesn't look like a PowerPoint job. Seems like one of those picture editing programs.:tup:


It's not supposed to look like a PPT job :)


Thanks for the positive feedback!


Here's a new one:








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I'll take!


West 4 Street



Yankee Stadium Special ON TIME

Destination: Bedford Pk Blvd

Arrival: 3 minutes



via 6 Av Express REPORTED DELAYS

Destination: Parsons Blvd

Arrival: 15 Minutes




Destination: Forest Hills - 71 Av

Arrival: Approximately 60 Minutes


October 31, 2010 7:53 PM

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