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New York MTA Announces Sale of Seat Licenses for City Buses and Subways


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If this story is true, why stop with "coach" seat personal licenses.


Convert the subway car which the conductor rides in to a "FIRST CLASS" car with LIRR style seating. Charge a $5,000 fee for the personal seat licenses and $200 a month for a GOLD METROCARD pass with their picture on it (Like the half-fare reduced metro cards for seniors).


All other (poor) passengers would ride in the regular subway cars.

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Not News, it's not real.


It's obviously a gag, if it were real. there would be information on geting one.



I would never even give anything that place posts a second look, thier biais is so bad, they make the Times look like the Post.


Correct. This is not news. It's on par with Onion Network News.

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This topic is now closed to further replies.

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