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Bus trackers


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The MTA needs this check it out

this is the CTA out of chicago






Our (MTA) should absolutely do this. Improve on it even.


The CTA is Chicagoland's equivalent, analogue &/or counterpart of (NYCT). Metra is Chicagoland's MetroNorth & LIRR simultaneously. Pace Bus is Chicagoland's counterpart of LI Bus & Westchester & Rockland bus routes.


Btw, I've NEVER been to Chicago:(


Long Beach Transit (CA) is, technologically speaking, way ahead of our (MTA). But backwards in other ways.


LBT has airport style computerized screens at the Long Beach Transit Mall (& some bus stops) giving ETAs, arrivals, departures & status of buses. IE: 61 arriving in 5 minutes.


I`ve been a lazy poster in some ways lately:( I'll describe LBT in detail down on the RTS board when I get around to it. Ditto for my thoughts & ideas on bus & other mass transit, for SI, & other places.


Chicagoland & Long Beach (CA) can do these things. Why is our (MTA) content to be left behind in the dust technologically?

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I'm all for giving Interns a shot, I actually commend the MTA for that, that's what you should do. But why wait until the 9th inning to do this.


Now let's just hope it works, quickly.

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