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Giants unveil Super Bowl rings


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Giants Unveil Super Bowl Rings


BY TOM ROCK | tom.rock@newsday.com

6:39 PM EDT, April 1, 2008


The iconic image of Super Bowl XLII had David Tyree holding onto the football for a fingertip catch over his head. What the Giants unveiled Tuesday should fit a little more securely on the receiver's hand, not to mention the hands of the other champions.


The Super Bowl rings, designed after consultation with the team's ownership, management, coaching staff and players, will feature three diamond-crusted Lombardi Trophies signifying the franchise's three titles along with the Giants' "NY" logo and the words "World Champions." And while the shimmer off the diamonds and white gold may cause some squints, the size of the bling-tastic memento won't.


"There was some discussion about maybe one of the rings was too big," said guard Shaun O'Hara, one of four players who sat in on design meetings and had a voice in the elements. "I threw out the fact that it was a big win, it was a huge win, so the ring should be designed accordingly."


Michael Strahan, also a part of the design team, had said that he wanted his spoils to be "10-table rings," meaning that it could be seen in a restaurant from 10 tables away. O'Hara, participating in voluntary offseason workouts this week and quoted on the Giants' website, said he thought this design qualified.


Besides the design on top of the ring, there are also messages on each side noting accomplishments from the season. One side will have the name and number of the player, an NFL crest, and the words "Eleven straight on the road." The other flank will feature the Super Bowl logo, date, and final score: "NYG 17, NE 14."


"I think everybody is going to be very pleased with the design," O'Hara said. "It is very clean, very classy, but at the same time it is very strong."


The rings will be made by Tiffany & Co. and will be presented to the players at a ceremony later this spring.


Wow these rings look great. Any reactions?

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Loving that ring. I wanna get one for myself if I have money I spend for on that! I doubt it though......


Same here, I love that ring. If only they made a cheaper replica B) But that is a great ring.

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