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MetroCard mess up


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So I bought a $4.50 MetroCard this morning to go to basketball practice. I used it at the turnstile and it said my remaining balance was $2.25.


After basketball ended, I went to use it again. The first time I swiped it, it said "Please swipe again." The second time I swiped it, it said "Please swipe again at this turnstile." I swiped it a third time and it said my remaining balance is $2.25.


So I really got a $6.75 card but I only paid for $4.50.


I was just wondering...what could have caused this? And another thing I was wondering is the MTA releases how many people they think jumped a turnstile and how much money it costs them. Would the next time I use the MetroCard qualify as "jumping the turnstile?" (I think it would since I'm basically getting a free ride.)

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