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Happy Anniversary To The (C) Train!

EE Broadway Local

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On Saturday December 10, 1988 the (K) (former 70(AA)) made her final run ending an era on Eighth Avenue where service had been 70(A)/(A), 70(AA)/(K) (Middays, Evenings, Weekends), 70(CC)/© and 70(E)/(E).


On Sunday December 11, 1988, the (C) was expanded to include Midday service between 145th Street and Euclid Avenue, Evening service (until 2100) between 145th Street and the World Trade Center and Weekend Service between 145th Street and the World Trade Center.


During rush hours, the (C) ran from Bedford Park Boulevard (Concourse local) and the (:D provided service to 168th Street-Broadway.


Eighth Avenue now would be the present (A)(C)(E).

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