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Wisc. Governor Scott Walker works to get federal funds for Milwaukee to Chicago trains

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Governor Scott Walker works to get federal funds for Milwaukee to Chicago train


BY Justin Williams

FOX6 News Milwaukee



MILWAUKEE (March 29, 2011)— Governor Scott Walker brought one proposed high-speed rail plan to a halt in Wisconsin, but he says he still supports fast trains in one part of the state. Governor Walker reveals a new plan to work with Missouri, Michigan, and Illinois in asking for federal funds to get high-speed trains back on track in southeastern Wisconsin.


Kenosha's Bob Zink, and his wife say they've ridden more than 200,000 miles on Amtrak trains over the past 40 years.


When Zink learns of Governor Walker's plan to ask the federal government for $150 million to upgrade the Hiawatha line, which connects Milwaukee and Chicago.



This involves using money to buy eight locomotives, and two train sets, and to construct a maintenance facility.


Governor Walker draws a distinction between this, and the $810 million high-speed rail project that would have connected Milwaukee to Madison.


Milwaukee Alderman Bob Bauman says the Governor's rejection of prior federal money won't bode well. Governor Walker disagrees, he says, "There has been strong support for upgrading the Hiawatha, and if I was in the federal administration. This is one I'd pick, right off the bat."


The Metropolitan Milwaukee Association of Commerce, and its 1,800 member businesses issued a statement indicating how please it is with the plan."




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I will give Walker this small much of credit. Unlike his GOP "Tea Party" Governor in Fla. who killed a planned HSR from Tampa-Miami, at least he does endorse some form of public transit.


Was Tampa-Miami really the best choice? Unless I'm confusing it with something, it would have been basically a five stop Disney World shuttle.:tdown:

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