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I need a little help.


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Hello and thanks for reading this post, and before hand, I don't know and I hope I am posting in the right forum, anyways, I have a little problem, see I live in Newark, NJ, but I need to commute to NY everyday, but I havent been able to find a bus route whatsoever connecting my start and destination.


I need to get to Orangeburg, NY as early as possible everyday Mon-Fri, and I know there is a bus system that i can get there and is this one:




That is the ultimate place that I need to get to, but honestly I have seen their "connections" points, and I must admit I am lost the information is too scarce, so if anyone could tell me how to get to rockland transport sytem and terminal I would very much appreciated it.



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I'm mot sure exactly where your start and end point are, but from the general area I would say take the NJT 108 to Port Authority, then the (1) train to 242 St. then the Bee-Line 1W or 1T northbound. That's a long commute dude!

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