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Hey everyone,

My son, Jasper, and I are quickly becoming huge devotees of the NYCT. And by that I mean we are two New Yorkers with a mutual interest in riding our fine subway system for the hell of it several days of the week!

I have lived in NYC for 17 years and ridden the subway pretty much everyday but I never imagined that a genuine interest would develop... until I had a child who loves to beg me 24/7 to ride the subway just for fun. His specific interest(s) in the subway change from day to day but could mostly be described as awe and excitement that this world is available to him simply because he was geographically blessed (if you will). My newfound passion lies both in the inherent adventure I can participate in with my awesome son as well as the jaw-dropping amount of history that this system holds about a city I love with every cell in my body! (Not to mention, I am a screenwriter who lives for all things richly cinematic and interesting.)

In the last six months, we have gone on what we call "a grand detour" to nowhere in particular at least twice a week. Such a venture generally entails a minimum of eight trains that get us from Harlem to "wherever" and back within two or three hours. We have also repeatedly ridden every line from end to end. In addition to our adventures as a duo, my hub and I have made it a rule to ride 'some' commuter rail with him as often as we can on the weekends. And since Spring has come, we are now exploring old tracks around the city. (It all started with a casual trip to the High Line last Fall.) All of this in addition to run-of-the-mill use of the transit has fostered an obsession of epic proportions in Jasper.

This child loves trains in ways I've only read about.

His introduction was hardly original. Like many kids, it was through a daily commitment to PBS' Thomas&Friends. Soonafter his third birthday he fell in love with "The Polar Express." He's watched it so many times, I can recite it verbatim. And the rest, as they say, is history. Recently, he informed me of his yearning to collect/acquire model trains. (We have two dozen of the MTA licensed wooden models and countless T&F trains/paraphenalia. But let's face it, he's only 4[!] and we're still in the world of a wooden track...)

We've spent hours reading websites about the NYCT and its storied history and looking at hundreds upon hundreds of photos, but nothing makes his eyes twinkle like looking out the front or back window of the C train at the world that lies just below our sidewalk.

It's a natural progression of his love that led us to this forum.

I look forward to speaking to and with this community very much. We are both charmed by what we've read so far. We have MUCH to learn and even more to catch up on around here. But I've read and re-read the FAQ and promise not commit any faux pas.

Finally, I hope it's okay if...[after we've perused the forum and don't see what's on our minds after some adventure or another that]we can pose the "question du jour" here--to you guys... the experts and virtuousos of this world!




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