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My visit to Casey Stengel

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I went to Casey Stengel today to see my Orion V's and VII's!!

Most sad thing :

1996 Orion V sitting there with no seats - scrapped.

Hey, well it wasn't so bad.

I saw a couple of buses moving around, some with no ads and a whiteback.

I also saw 6883. That bus has a weird paint scheme on the back.

Sorry, I have no photos.

Also, I rode 6870 - the 2nd Casey Stengel decal bus. IT WAS A VERY SCREECHY RIDE. The top of the bus diped on the stop request sign.

Oh, well.

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Oh well, at least we got ~24 left...


Not the only Orion V that died this year:


By mta_t_train at 2011-09-23


And 650, which was transferred to Eastchester in June from yourusername depot.


That one died like a year ago....it has the Hawaii Five-O ads in the front....

Its still sitting there with some parts and all the seats missing, I have a feeling that those seats were put on 6872.

And the number is....656

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