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  1. I'd had buses that didn't show up on the radar. I only found out when the boarding passenger tells me they didn't see me on the app!
  2. Add 237, 252 and 258 on that list. As far as signs go, the Vianova screens really aren't too bad. I like them a little better than what's in our XN40s. Only issue is they need to to trigger the "Next stop is..." announcement to go off shortly after leaving a stop and then announcing it ("This stop is...") once the bus is within 100 or so feet from the stop. I'm assuming this is GPS-based so there's definitely some kinks to work out. The Clever Devices screens are okay, but they do work a little better than the Vianova screens when it comes to making announcements in some cases. They'll announce the next stop in between stops practically (such as, "86th Street, 4th Avenue") but very simplified. Funny you say that. They do tend to malfunction compared to the Vianova screens... And some drivers prefer these Xcelsiors solely because they are all equipped with the Clever Devices systems...
  3. Having driven 240, 243, 245, 248, and 410 in the last two weeks, I can say they all have the same information signs as the rest of our C40 fleet
  4. They're scrambling once again to fill in spots. There's a lot of guys retiring or leaving based on the new seniority numbers in the system pick...
  5. You basically sit in a soundproof booth not unlike the ones used in studio work. You're isolated from outside noise. Next, you're going to wear a pair of headphones. They're going to tell you to listen for a beep and press a button whenever you do. The beeps range in volume and frequency so you'll have to just relax and listen closely.
  6. That they are... But, from experiences- there are places where bus stops are so close together it makes zero sense for them to even exist when there could be one stop in between. Practically less than the length of a 8-car train!
  7. It sure helps the buses move faster because the biggest complaint is how slow they are, especially when the bell gets rung for every stop. I'm pretty sure we've all been on a bus trying to reach a destination but the bus keeps stopping every 1-2 blocks then has to fight its way back into traffic (if things are heavy).
  8. Just my two cents... From what I'm reading here and from what I've been through personally so far, I could give two shits about them doing away with schedules. A majority of the time the buses can't even keep up with those damned things! Keep in mind that these schedules are just rough guidelines for when a bus MIGHT show up. There's too many factors affecting how these things run. Also, unless you've been to Zerega and trained there, you should know that Transit emphasizes safety- especially now that Vision Zero is a thing. They will tell you to basically throw your paddle "out the window" because you're most likely not going to make the time points listed on it. You'll get there when you get there. So all in all, I'm not surprised in the least bit. But, carry on. I'm neutral in this debate. Just something to keep in mind.
  9. Not surprised they're getting rid of those stops along the Q12. I used to live along Sanford, went to school on Sanford. At least things will move a little faster... Interesting that they adjusted the stop between Bowne and Parsons going east being midblock. I'll have to check that out.
  10. That is correct. In my class there were folks from 4600/7105 and 7612 all in there and some MTA Bus folks at graduation
  11. Don't know how recent this is but nowadays MTA runs a mentoring program for all new coming drivers. It's 10 days long, and you'll be paired with a senior driver. You'll pretty much go by their run which usually has weekends off and they're responsible for showing you the ins and outs of what you will be doing on a day-to-day basis on the job. Very valuable experience. After that, you'l go on to learn the rest of the lines at whatever depot you've chosen.
  12. If you already handed in the pre-employment packet, you'll have to do them again, but they will give you your old one back to copy off of it/add more information should things had changed
  13. DCAS states list number of the last person appointed was 805
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