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  1. I am currently entering my second year and I'm sitting around 26-27/hour- current start rate is 24 and some change with another bump coming in May according to the recent contract... As far as pay goes, your hours will be all over the place due to many factors. Unless your runs are boosted (meaning the actual shift is shorter than 8 hours but you still get paid for 8 regardless) you will more often than not end up making more than 40 hours a week. My current work week is roughly 43 hours but the fuel line every night tends to add on to that, I can easily break 45-46 hours a week. Blowing/missing your lunch break because of traffic (this is going to happen to you a lot during your first year) also gets you paid for the entire thing so you'll definitely be seeing some extra money on your check. There's not really a definite answer to your question as it all varies but believe me you will be financially sound provided you follow the directions and procedures to survive probation. As far as liking the job, I enjoy the aspect of driving and I actually like some challenge so every trip is interesting in some form.
  2. You have the right to refuse but it also gives you a sure-shot chance at being shown the door... Fortunately Transit has only given the driver days in the street until they can get an explanation/investigation done
  3. Those XN60 buses are pretty solidly built. I actually prefer them over the 40-footers we have at Gleason.
  4. They're gonna need a crane to lift that thing out from where it is...
  5. For some bizarre reason, buses 448-490 and 659-672 all seem to have this issue with the readers. I've driven 475 and 667 lately and they did not function...
  6. Yeah exactly If I have to be turned short gotta make sure the sign is readable so I don't get the "This is the last stop??"
  7. The articulated buses are pretty fun to drive from my perspective. They take a little getting used to but keep in mind that the front two axles are on the first half of the bus. The front half of the bus is also shorter so you can straighten out a little earlier than you could with a 40-footer. If the bus stop is on a far-side corner (meaning on the opposite side of the light) you'll have to swing out wide to get in the stop otherwise the rear end will hit something. Definitely something I have to keep in mind should I find myself on the B35 and making that right onto 39th Street off 13th Ave. Backing one up is tricky, yes, but the only way you'll get stuck is if you jack knife. That's when you hit the max angle on the articulation joint. Not sure if they showed you (you should have done so) in training but getting out of a max angle lock should be a simple procedure. The time you're given to get out of it is pretty generous as well before you're really screwed.
  8. They're not removed, they're PR messages that have to be input separately from the destination sign. I stopped bothering with it because the destination signs take too long to cycle and getting constantly bombarded with the same questions about what route I am despite going in the direction posted on the bus stop get annoying...
  9. Consider yourself lucky. My check rides were definitely incognito.
  10. That can actually be easily fixed... In fact it's even part of the pre-trip to open one of the windows and let it slam back into place to confirm that they are "functioning". That red latch is simple.
  11. Yes, most will figure what I meant. Not sure how MTA Bus is doing things, but I can look up their schedules
  12. This week in all boroughs except Staten Island buses are running on a reduced weekday schedule- some buses that usually get limited service will not, depends on the line. The reduced weekday schedules are usually put into effect on MLK Day/Columbus Day/Black Friday and the holiday break for students. The rest of the major holidays get Sunday schedules.
  13. There has been one too many times where I've seen cyclists ride out into busy intersections where they DON'T have the light and nothing gets done about it! I've seen cars stop short of hitting, I've had to re-direct my bus pulling into far-side stops to account for someone who decided to ignore the red. Not sure as to what exactly happened yesterday evening but from where the bike and the bus ended up at I am fairly certain someone most likely lost control of their bicycle.
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