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  1. SoSpectacular

    Bus Operator (TA) Exam #9618

    TA allows you to go to any borough. Only problem is because Queens and Staten Island are under a different union other than TWU, you can't transfer out unless you were originally pushed into either of those boroughs to begin with. You pick into Queens or Staten Island you're pretty much stuck there for the remainder of your tenure.
  2. SoSpectacular

    Bus Operator (TA) Exam #9604

    At some point in 2017, federal commercial road test standards were changed up to require a more thorough examination. Instead of the usual one hour test, you're now required to memorize the engine compartment as part of a two-hour, three-part test. It's important you use the same vehicle you practiced on to do the test with because manufacturers and model years differ in regards to where each component is. As far as engine compartment goes, you'll have to be mindful of: Electrical wiring/hoses Engine coolant reservoir Power steering fluid check Steering rod/Pitman arm Air filter Engine oil/transmission fluid Engine fan and fan belt/plus any other belts BUT! Because more people have been failing than expected, federal standards changed up how state departments can administer the test- A full pre-trip isn't required anymore. When I attempted to take my Class B road test last year the examiner had me begin at the front door of the bus, totally skipping the front of the vehicle. It's randomized each time but make sure you memorize the procedures!
  3. SoSpectacular

    B/O 7612 Hiring Process

    Guess that settles that for the time being. I've also been told to go to DCAS and have my name restored in the letter I got the other night.
  4. SoSpectacular

    Any CDL-BP Holders Seeking Experience?

    Plus they usually give sign-on bonuses last I checked
  5. SoSpectacular

    B/O 7612 Hiring Process

    At this point, I don't care how long it takes now- it could be in the summer for all we know. I'm more worried about clearing up this error for the time being.
  6. SoSpectacular

    B/O 7612 Hiring Process

    I have to get in contact with them... I took the BOSS survey makeup earlier this month BUT they sent a letter dated 01/18/2019 saying I need to come in on February 6 to take it and restore my name on the list afterwards. I'm very confused. Called DCAS and lo and behold, I'm still on the list as of January 20. Sigh. Sent them an email for the time being. I'll have to see what numbers I can call to get in touch with someone. I'm a few numbers ahead of you... With the train shutdown thing not happening anymore things have slowed down tremendously.
  7. SoSpectacular

    B/O 7612 Hiring Process

    They aren't going to overlook you, they're gonna be calling names off the current established lists. The next exams most likely won't be established until maybe a year from now.
  8. Yeah they're not gonna disqualify you, you just won't be able to move on with the process. Just come back once you do
  9. You shouldn't have to worry. With a few months left to go you're still a way from medical and final processing... What exam did you take? They'll let you ride out the remaining months.
  10. SoSpectacular

    Bus Operator (TA) Exam #9604

    You'd have to score in the upper 90s to get a good list number. I got an 87.50% on 7612 and my list number is in the low 500s
  11. SoSpectacular

    B/O 7612 Hiring Process

    I don't think we'll be able to find out that kind of information unless there's anyone currently in training who posts in here. I did see two training buses out of Jamaica in my neck of the woods the previous morning, though.
  12. SoSpectacular

    B/O 7612 Hiring Process

    Oh nice. They're starting people up now. Trying to line everything up for when they get to me.
  13. SoSpectacular

    B/O 7612 Hiring Process

    Any updates from anyone since last week? Seems like the thread died.
  14. SoSpectacular

    B/O 7612 Hiring Process

    Nope. My time will come eventually... I didn't leave till 7 PM that day
  15. SoSpectacular

    B/O 7612 Hiring Process

    That's pretty quick. It's going to be a while before they get to me. January 7th? Not bad. I was there that same day too. Longest day of my life.


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