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Great News for Upcoming Contract Negotiations


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Now your probably wondering why I am linking below to an article about a law enforcement union voting down a contract. Well, it is simple. The union, Council 82, voted dowen a contract that would have required higher health care costs, and absolutely no raise for the next 3 years. Cuomo himself said recently that the contract should serve as a "model" for other unions, like the TWU. However, with a 674 to 245 vote against the contract, Cuomo is going to be less likely to stick the TWU with the same contract. Also, had the union accepted the contract, it would become precedent, and it would have required the arbitrators to consider the contract during negotiations. So regardless of whether you agree with my analysts, this is GOOD news.


Council 82 rejects contract deal


NEW YORK STATE -- A union representing roughly a thousand police officers has rejected a contract deal their leaders struck with Governor Andrew Cuomo earlier this year.


By a vote of 674 to 245, the rank and file members of Council 82 chose not to agree to the deal, which included a pay freeze, and higher health care costs. They have been without a contract since 2004.



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Cuomo is going to be less likely to stick the TWU with the same contract.




The TWU Local 100 does not negotiate with New York state in Contract talks...

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Cuomo still has a major influence over the MTA behind the scenes. He appoints board memebrs and he re-appointed Walder.


He does NOT negotiate with the TWU thats what you said 1st..


As for putting a bug in Jays ear you dont know that for a fact and neither do I.


It wouldnt surprise me though if that was the case.

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