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  1. ^^^^^^^^^THATS a Native New Yorker right there! 😉😉😉
  2. Unless some who works down here post the programs for the B Div new tech trains.. It wont be out here... There's a lot of em with various locations starting and ending... The Fox alone is crazy from what i seen it can go anywhere...
  3. If anyone gets CBTC training please let folks know....
  4. You are welcome i just call it like i see it...
  5. Bossman means what he says too.. Ill vouch for him he is a great guy....
  6. FYI... Train Operators... DO NOT LET the Dispt rush you to make service if the train comes in late and you have to go right out.. DO YOUR PRE TRIP INSPECTIONS... Seal beams, PA, IC, Trip Cock, Horn, Required Brake Tests (If you are on SMEE equipment).. Oh yes and the One most of us just do out of impulse but if forgotten can have serious ramifications if a incident occurs... Especially on R142 and Up type equipment.. Make sure that Buzzer Works as designed... So when one goes down the road and one calls RCC because the Buzzer is BO.. Then one wont be explaining why they left the terminal without a working buzzer, good luck trying to explain that.... You will be throwing your CR under the bus along with you and TA loves to do things in Multiples... Remember its a team effort not a "Me" Effort...
  7. RTOMan


    Exactly its out there in the RTO groups..
  8. Yes everything runs light.. Employees do take the train to work on the midnights that's why its done..
  9. That's why they are using this system they have in place now... Trains Just run Light yet they can make them run light every 30 or 40 minutes if they so choose, thats a contractual issue though.
  10. Software issues almost complete Echos and Mikeys Normal in 53rd street.. Foxes still in Bypass(Only during the Rutgers shutdown GO).
  11. Software issues.. Heh...;)
  12. CBTC In effect(ATPM Mode only) starting Monday 0500 hrs from Court Square to 50th and 8th ave on the Echo and 47th-50th street on the Mikey Both Directions...

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