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  1. They changed it up with the supplement.. They added two extra trains.... One to the highway.. One to Stillwell. Which makes the log jam at church worse.. So bad lots of Foxes got skips from Church to the Highway yesterday! B4 Track from Church to 7th ave to smooth sailing no timers.. From Church to Jay there are timers.. Fourth ave and just north of smith ninth...
  2. Down here three wrongs make it better... Our union and other screw ups dealt us this hand up to us to fix it.. That is How it works....
  3. LOL our union has no balls and until we get leadership in that is for the workers and not in some politicians pocket the game will stay the same....
  4. Very good insight with these comments good to see y’all helping each other out... 😊
  5. Ha ha ha here Is the gag they already had these "cuts" in mind.. The A div work program for the fall already reflected that..
  6. Yet its us hourlies making six figure salaries living in huge houses and having multiple cars who are the major cause of the MTA financial woes...😑😑😑😑
  7. Thats the thing it always looks great "On paper"... I saw that ATS nonsense while on the 1 Line in 2007 after that crazy chit i took my talents to the B Div... I'm not coming back i rather travel for for peace of mind instead of waiting for ATS to take a dump.. Like its been doing a few times already...
  8. Hey this is nothing new 17 years down here they play the same game.. They new trick is amusing they playing in the press now..🤣 So its not like this is news to me..
  9. Thats on us to know the rules they Went over that too.. We have to know the rules... So when they try that we know exactly what to say.. Its a mindset to have from day one.
  10. Considering you aren't in RTO yet how can you make that claim? I was in Refresher coruse this past week i know for a Fact 92-19 has exonerated people...
  11. 92-19 will help out a lot with that as well..
  12. It Most parts of the B Div the tower knows too Alarms go off.. Oh BTW they can "see trains" now in the B Div.. Its not as advanced as ATS... Yet.....
  13. Im not arguing that... I get where you are coming from...

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