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  1. RTOMan

    The Schoolcar Experience

    For those in this post who are YX and are working Queens Espiecally switching at 179.. If you have a relay on Two track ...Here’s a little rhyme that will help... “Red Circle K no IJ” You cannot Key those.. Please Utlize that lever associated with said Signal thanks!...
  2. There is a switch just south of 18th street on 1 track going to 3 track.. The one shot is there to prevent homesignal overrun if the signal is at danger... It also slows down the express because of said switch...
  3. RTOMan

    The Schoolcar Experience

    No you are not supposed to.. They will focus on the rules you should know during your training... Yet after you get your feet wet with things start to read up on them when you can... I suggest you wait till after you get out of Schoolcar... You should be in month number two now...
  4. Thanks for sharing this Info!
  5. Well said brother couldn't have said it better myself... They have radar guns all over the place down here and its for a reason... Some people get thrown by reckless TO's, Bad trackage or yes even customer complaints about the trains going through the area.. You got five minutes due to "road conditions" for a lateness at gap stations and terminals... They add that time and yes its a on time railroad on paper... You can follow every speed sign and be on time but usually there is something along ones route that prevents that. Its just how things work in the Land of Non CBTC...
  6. 17 Years a Train Operator follows every speed Sign... There are LOTS of us down here who follow them those are the ones you don't notice that means they doing their Job...
  7. Oh my mistake yer talking Southbound... Its 36 Mph past the timers at 63rd and Grand into Roosevelt...
  8. Woodhaven its 36 mph..
  9. Then he was over speeding...
  10. RTOMan

    holding doors

    Two Minutes?? How about train right behind that train...
  11. VERY reckless.. Thats why 2 Bway is standing room only sadly... I tell it to New TOs all the time.. If you come down here with that "Need for speed" attitude you gonna see Mike Lenny and Chris and Company soon enough.. Oh wait Ms Gibbs first because most likely they still on probation...
  12. We slow down because the Speed gets reduced from 45 Mph At 65th street to 35 Mph on that Curve.... You can throw people in the back end of the train if you take that curve at 45 mph...
  13. Fixed?? This is how they want it.... I go through that five days a week and its the same story unless there is No train in front of you this is the Norm...
  14. Wow they changed up those timers???


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