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  1. Did i say it would be completed before then😉?
  2. Because it is... You think testing always applies to trains not being in passenger service? I suggest you wait.. Like everyone else is and when you see it you see it. Be patient...
  3. Of coruse they are going to tell you that... Im in CBTC training and they told Us the start date for it is Dec 23rd... Only from what i was told Roosevelt to 71st ave. Read again what they said to you.....
  4. They'll be in bypass (or a R46) so WSP will be in effect... Oh they'll get those TOs eventually as well...
  5. Dec 23rd scheduled start date of CBTC on Queens Blvd... ONE station to start From Roosevelt to 71ST on 3 and 4 tracks only... Echo and Fox crews along with VR and XL people are being qualified... Me being One of them.. Its very interesting they using the same system as the Larry Line but with a few modifications...
  6. If somebody else effs up crew wise and you know its wrong correct it... Both parties didn't do their jobs.. The Crew Office and the YX TO...
  7. They changed it up with the supplement.. They added two extra trains.... One to the highway.. One to Stillwell. Which makes the log jam at church worse.. So bad lots of Foxes got skips from Church to the Highway yesterday! B4 Track from Church to 7th ave to smooth sailing no timers.. From Church to Jay there are timers.. Fourth ave and just north of smith ninth...
  8. Down here three wrongs make it better... Our union and other screw ups dealt us this hand up to us to fix it.. That is How it works....
  9. LOL our union has no balls and until we get leadership in that is for the workers and not in some politicians pocket the game will stay the same....
  10. Very good insight with these comments good to see y’all helping each other out... 😊
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