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  1. That would be incorrect they still have trains in service AFTER 0100 hrs to get to thier final destinations...
  2. Honestly after over 100 of my fellow co workers dead from this virus.. I could give a rats rear end what any homeless person or any other person who might be "inconvenienced" thinks... Seriously...
  3. Up to the booth clerk .. Always showing ID helps when the train makes the stop.
  4. They do not lay them up unless its a scheduled lay up.. They run lite(scheduled intervals) pick up essentials and other employees first responders.. The terminals are the cleaning area...
  5. What i saw the first night if they continue it will be helpful.. Every train that pulls in is discharged the residents are shown the street.. Train is closed train line except the Crew Doors are keyed open by the CRs.. Every inch of each car is mopped and scrubbed as well as operating cabs.. Ten to 12 minutes Job is done.. Train relays for the next interval weather its lite or in service.. They already got a system in place.. MTA thinks big picture years ahead... Lets see how this goes.
  6. Sorta like a sore loser... Oh well sucks to be him i suppose....
  7. Yes.. Some doing Tower operator and even Dispt due to folks being out sick..
  8. Let me know how that turns out for you...
  9. That is correct picking up employees and essential Personnel only..
  10. The streets or if those want to to shelters.. This philosophy at the time shall be dominant...
  11. Well im late PMs on the Fox and ill see it first hand. BTW they have been kicking them out of 179th street everyday since last Monday at 0100 hrs and NOT letting them back in. They was asking nicely on Monday, then Friday they didn't ask they just TOLD them, Leave now (unless you need medical help)
  12. Thats because Two Bway is Closed... PS 248 isn't really dealing with stuff right now and the MOST important thing... They need bodies.. Believe me yer schoolcar buddy would have been shown the door otherwise... Three Homesignal overruns shows utter recklessness you can tell him i said that... I was one of the first open competitive classes down here in 2001 they was clipping some of us for hitting automatics..
  13. Echo is running 20 min headways due to crew shortage so Um no with that idea...
  14. Well they are removing "disruptive" passengers from trains every day even more now it seems.. I'm guessing they aren't regular passengers...
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