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Calgary Transit Bus System


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Sorry to break it down into two topics but these services have their own unique flare that would make for a lively discussion.


What a wonderful sight to greet you…a 1978 GM Fishbowl ready for duty:



1982 Fishbowl #1115 awaits departure on Route 64 express to Downtown Calgary:



Even at 30 years old, this beauty can still out run a brand new Nova LFS:



Coach #1130 is seen departing Sandstone Terminal working the afternoon 64 express.:



Fishbowls #987 & 914 in Downtown Calgary shortly before the end of A.M Rush:



Calgary Transit also has a rare New Flyer D40HF in service. Here is 7001 at the south end of Route 2:



Another unique part of their roster is 117 1990-1991 MCI Classics. Here is #5012 before its run on Route 44:



Coach #5088 is working one of the few 400 series lines that does not use a cutaway:



Apparently, 5064 needed a cool down to why the engine cover was up:



5111, one of 10 Ex-Connecticut Transit Classics is seen in Downtown Calgary after working an express run:




7545, a 1993 New Flyer D40LF is seen at 78th Avenue Loop before starting on Route 20:



Three mid-90s New Flyer D40LFs are pictured at Brentwood LRT Station:



Among the last New Flyers currently ordered, 8079 sits at one of the LRT stations before continuing on Route 72, which makes a circle around Calgary:



6001, the first of 65 D60LFRs is seen just outside of Downtown Calgary with the skyline not too far away:



Also quirk in their fleet are 24 Eldorado EZ-Rider IIs. Here is #1608 on one of the NW loop routes:



And lastly, here is 8141, one of 60 recently purchased Nova LFSs at McKnight Station:



You can view the rest of the album here:





1978 General Motors Fishbowl #945:DD 6v71/Allison V730



1991 MCI Classic #5040: DD 6v92/Allison VR731



1992 New Flyer D40HF #7001: DD 6v92/Voith D863.3



1993 New Flyer D40LF #7547: DD 6v92/Allison B400R



2005 New Flyer D40LF #7961: Cummins ISL/Allison B400R



2007 New Flyer D60LFR #6005: Cummins ISM/Allison B500R



2010 Novabus LFS #8142: Cummins ISL EPA10/ZF 6 Speed:



Calgary Transit Bus System Video:


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