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why is there no late night weekend service out of GCT?


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For years myself as well as several of my Westchester and Connecticut friends haev yearned for late night service out of Grand Central, especially on weekends and holiday. Yes there is a 3:00 AM train on New Years, but surely it'd be profitable to run a 3:00 AM and/or 4:00 AM local on all 3 lines?


I realize that GCT closes at 1:30 AM so they'd probably have to have some security, maintenance, and other staffers on hand plus the conductors. There has to be ways to think outside the box on this...


For example, partner with restaurants/bars/clubs and orgs like MADD/SADD, heck NYPD, to promote it where there's advertising revenue involved. Street vendors could benefit from selling food outside. Cabs would see an increase in business (in fares to GCT) as late night subway service stinks.


Some of my friends speculate that it's a little bit of NIMBY in snooty Westchester towns like Scardsale, Rye or Pelham and neighbors complaining about the late night noise but that doesn't hold up as there are just as exclusive neighborhoods in Long Island or New Jersey there there is at least a 3:00 AM train leaving Penn Station.


At the very least has there ever even been a feasability study done?

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I agree, there should be more flexible schedules late nights. If/when the :nec: is connected to GCT and when the LIRR is connected to GCT they will have to do something about the schedule. Even if it's one train on each line going out.


- Andy

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The reason why GCT closes at night is becuase the station iself has to be closed so it can be cleaned. And the station is not owned by the MTA so theres another problem right there...


Well they can still close MOST of GCT and just keep open, for example, the upstairs bathrooms and just the doors to the tracks that would be used for the late night trains. Again, I'm just suggesting weekends (Friday's and Saturday's).


I took the 2 train to Wakefield from 14th St. last night--err this AM--and it runs LOCAL all the way...ha fun, 1+ hour and stopping every few seconds.

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