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A question

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I currently work for NYFDEMS and want to be a operator is this possible

I'm assuming you'd like to become an Bus Operator, judging from your profile avatar; if so, then what exactly are you trying to ask- you want to pick-up Bus Operating as a 2nd job? Or you're looking to switch careers overall? Did you take the Bus Operator exam (or file for it) yet?

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I recognize that name, he is on the 8006, low #600's.

I think he meant to ask if he can carry over his time with "FDNYEMS".


Did you or didn't you go for the drug test last month? they are well past your list# for that.

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I am with and my list # was passed up already i was 650 any ideas about calling them to get hired does any one have the number. thanks


I don't think you can just call them up and schedule an appointment for the

pre employment process, you have to "restore" your name back on the list

either by mail, fax or in person. It gives you the address for where to go

on the bottom of the cover letter that you received last month.


You can call them if you want though. MTA HR- 347-643-8231


You and I and it seems like a lot of people passed it up the first time around

since they are already into the #1,600's for lab/pre orientation.


The DCAS automated recording needs to be updated, they have it as last

certified-#1537 and last one hired-#461...as far as I know #520 was hired

recently but that is only a gauge to see where the list is at.

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